Lord Inquisitor Julius Borgez


Julius Borgez is a popular crusader and witch hunter, celebrated across many worlds on the Eastern Fringe.  Unlike many of his fellows, Borgez has always openly practiced his profession, eschewing subtlety and espionage in favour of brutal pogroms and public persecutions.  He is a hardline Monodominant Inquisitor, believing (with some justification) that compromise leads inexorably to corruption.  Utterly dedicated to the preservation of humanity in the face of its many enemies, Borgez has sacrificed his own body in the battle against the heretic and the witch.  At the age of two hundred and sixty he lost all of his limbs in a skirmish with a heretic coven on the forge world of Grendel’s Dawn.  Borgez faced and slew the horrifying many-armed mutant witch Skaya the Underhanded but was crippled in the process.  The tech-priests of Grendel’s Dawn rewarded Borgez for his heroism with the Armour of St. Halifax, a towering battle suit into which he could be implanted in times of need.

When duty calls Borgez removes his humble steel bionic limbs and becomes a walking giant of retribution.  Accompanied by his hard-wired gun servitor Titus, an associate of many decades, the fearsome Inquisitor leads from the front, preferring to fight beside waves of troops who can be inspired by his impressive stature and heroic reputation.  When devils and heretics see the wild bearded face of Julius Borgez snarling at them from within the mighty cyborg then truly they know the fury of the righteous.


This unstable looking fellow is my counts-as Inquisitor Lord Fyodor Karamazov from Codex: Witch Hunters.  The original Karamazov model is awesome but I baulk at paying $85 for him, and metal is a pain with big guys like that anyway so I decided to make my own.  He’s built mainly from an astartes dreadnought with a few bits from the immolator kit, an ork killa kan’s arm, and a bunch of other stuff I had lying around.  I plan to use him as an ally to my Imperial Guard, but one day the pure Witch Hunters will come out to play.  I just need to paint the rest of those sisters that have been sitting there for a year.  And convert some arco-flagellants.  And some death cult assassins.  My Witch Hunters suffer from a severe case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  If I could field nothing but HQs they’d be in business. . .

Borgez took ages to paint because I ran out of steam a bit after the white armour and finished him off over a week or so.  He’s a pretty good example of my painting style – quick and lazy!  I try to build up layers of inks, washes and drybrushing rather than use careful blending and edge highlights.  I guess I could be neater, but I prefer a loose and textured look to precise and clean.  Plus like I said . . . lazy.

I also hear on the grapevine that Karamazov may be in the new Grey Knights book, which would mean he can no longer ally with Imperial Guard. Typical – every time you build a religious maniac cyborg killing machine for your army they go and disallow him.

Photography by Rhebeka Stangret

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