Command Section, report!

You men, fix bayonets! A bit of cold steel should see the buggers off eh?

I thought today I’d post up some shots of the command section of my Imperial Guard army.  As I’ve said before, I’m not the neatest painter, but as long as my models look the way I want them to I’m happy.  Basically I want my models to look like they have a unique style.  I want people to see them and say “hey, they look a bit different, but still cool.”

I’ve tried to represent the characters in my army with models that I’ve seen over the years and really liked for one reason or another.  The great thing (well, one of the great things) about being a grown up is that you can track down and buy all those miniatures you wanted as a kid but couldn’t afford with your pocket money.

Lord Commissar Felix Bock, commander of the St. Arkham 3rd Division Commissariat

I love this model.  He was a bit of a pain to get hold of because the first guy I bought him from on eBay ripped me off and never sent him.  It’s happened to me a few times actually when dealing with the UK from over here in Australia.  By the time you realize you’ve been fleeced it’s too late to open a dispute for a refund.  I got him eventually from someone else though so it’s all good.  I tried to give him a bit of depth by not using pure blacks – instead I used a reddish black on his uniform and cap and a blue-black for his coat.  I just love the menacing look of the model.  He looks heavy and battle-hardened.

Lt. Col. Winter, Psykana Auxilia, attached to the St. Arkham 3rd Division

I’m not a strict GW only guy when it comes to models.  I mean, they don’t run many official tourneys these days and I never play in stores so why stress about it?  When I saw this model from Dark Age I had to have him.  After some light conversion (I cut off his shottie and replaced it with a laspistol and a pair of frags) he became my Primaris Psyker.  The only problem is that he is very tall and slender.  I almost don’t like using him because he makes my GW soldiers look like ugly little gnomes.  Well that, plus the last time I used him my mate asked if he was a man or a woman!

Captain Harlock, HI, commanding the 44th St. Arkham Regiment's 2nd company

This guy is another great model, from the 1990s I think.  He is slightly dated though.  His hands and weapons are massive, and that’s not just because I weapon-swapped his chainsword for a commissar’s power weapon.  Still, his stance and his face make up for it.  He’s never going to back down and he doesn’t care how many of his boys have to die to get the job done.  A proper attitude for a Guard officer!  He needs a little more work on his face, because I didn’t manage to pick out his upper lip quite enough.  By the way, Harlock was awarded his Honorifica Imperialis a few weeks ago when he cut down an astartes captain equipped for assault, alone and armed only with his trusty power sabre.  Thank the Emperor for refractor fields . . .

Urg Bastable, regimental confessor to the 44th St. Arkham Regiment

My favourite Ministorum model, and that’s saying something because they are all great in a demented way.  I tried to make him look like an unshaven missionary in humble monastic colours.  This guy is so awesome because he was totally steampunk before it was cool with his neckerchief and old-fashioned goggles.  Give him props.

BONE Head, Gloominwald Ogryn Auxilia, attached to the St. Arkham 3rd Division

OK so he’s not technically an officer, but who’s going to argue with him?  I love my Ogryns, and I’ll devote a post to them in the future for sure.  BONE Head here has had some augmetic work done.  A friend of a friend who was leaving the hobby once left a bag of dismembered metal ork nobs in my mailbox (thanks Dat!) and I was able to give my BONE Head a power claw.  He also has an ork shotgun and choppa combo strapped to his back.  I don’t really dig the GW Studio’s Ogryn paint job.  I wanted my Ogryns to look like nordic giants, as if they’ve stepped out of some cold mountainous pine forest.  I went with cool blues and blacks with blond buzzcuts, although this guy is a grizzled, white haired veteran.

Many thanks to Rhebeka Stangret for helping me with the photography, and Tentakel Games (one of my favourite blogs) for the idea of using a light box to get better images.

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