The Invasion of St. Arkham


In late 896M41, the small shrine world of St. Arkham was attacked by the 2nd company of the Ultramarines.  At the time of the mysterious invasion Lord General Drake’s battlegroup Wyvern was on-world, recovering from a prolonged and costly war against the xenos Tau and presenting their various regimental colours for blessing at the mighty Basilica of St. Arkham.

Initially, battlegroup Wyvern was disoriented by the speed and ferocity of the Space Marine’s planetfall, but Lord General Drake was a native Arkhamite and a pious man, and on the advice of the Ecclesiarch of St. Arkham he resolved to defend the holy world at all costs from the invaders, no matter who they appeared to be.

If the under-strength and weary battlegroup Wyvern had been the only warriors on the world the Space Marines may have had a swift victory. They were not however.  In a secluded citadel in the mountains west of the capital, the small but battle-hardened Order of the Revenant Maiden trained and fasted, ready to protect the sacred planet with their lives.


My friend and regular opponent Jay and I have been wanting to play a campaign for a while now, and last week after he bought a flash new gaming board he suggested we finally kick it off.  As we are both busy people, we are using the excellent Fall of Corian IV campaign from Sign of the Aquila.

I’ve never played a Planetstrike game before (I hadn’t even read the book till yesterday!), but the first mission is a 1000 point Planetstrike game.  I like what I see in the book – it looks brutal and fast-paced, which is exactly how I like my 40k.

In keeping with the nature of our armies, Jay’s Ultramarines will be the death from above and my Imperial Guard will (no doubt literally) be the bodies on the ground.  I’m really looking forward to the first game, and I’ll post a battle report as soon as the invasion has begun . . .

4 responses to “The Invasion of St. Arkham

  • Mary

    Hey, sounds like it’s gonna be a cool game! I love the way you introduced it with a little narrative 🙂 do you know why the Ultramarines are attacking Imperial Guard?

  • James S

    And at this stage the reason for the invasion is unknown (at least to the Arkhamites).

  • Jay Dearden

    Ultramarines Strike force Gaius performed final weapon checks as they prepared to board their drop pods upon the Battle Barge “Sword of Ares”.

    Chaplain Cassius slowly paced the length of the embarkation deck, softly reciting the Emperors blessing as Captain Gaius relayed the mission outline to his men: “The planetary governor has fallen to the clutches of the foul Chaos Gods and must be removed. We make planetfall at 35°18′29″S, 149°07′28″E. The site is a small, lightly defended outpost with a landing pad that we will capture and utilize for further armour deployment.

    The St. Arkham PDF presence is minimal however they are believed fallen and their elimination is also a priority. Unfortunately an expeditionary battlegroup under the command of Lord General Drake has recently returned from off world and are in the area. They are believed to remain untainted and loyal to the Emperor, however their honour blinds them to the fact that their Governor has fallen.

    They will view our attack on the heretic Governor as a hostile act of war on St. Arkham itself, and if we are unable to convince them of the Governors Treason they will defend their homeworld to the death. We may indeed be required to kill loyal soldiers to complete our mission, but the lives of a few thousand guardsmen are nothing to remove the taint of chaos from St. Arkham.”

  • James S

    Hey that’s awesome 😀 Nice story.

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