Inquisitor Lucienne Izumi: inspiration and modeling

Today I’m going to show the process for my latest Witch Hunters Inquisitor.  I’ve made a few of these guys since Codex: Witch Hunters came out in 2004.

I find Inquisitors really fun to model, to the point where I have way too many of them (of uh . . . varying quality).  Years ago I grabbed an Escher juve from GW’s Necromunda line to convert into a Callidus Assassin, but I was never happy with her.  She seemed a bit too cute and little to be a psychotic bio-engineered shapeshifting killer.  It’s a pretty good model though, and probably one of the only models GW has ever made that I could actually call “cute” come to think of it!

So, I stripped her down and I’m going to convert her a bit to make another Inquisitor.

I’ve decided that Lucienne Izumi is going to be inspired by my favourite manga of all time, Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita (or Gunnm if you’re in Japan):

Yes, I like manga and anime, but because I am in my thirties I only like the best.  And by the best, I mean the stuff from when I was young of course!  I don’t know, all you whippersnappers today with your spiky-haired death-god ninja school kids with two-foot wide swords . . .

But I digress.  Since Alita is my inspiration, I’m going to give Lucienne a bionic arm with a combat glaive.  She already has a revolver like Alita’s, but she needs a coat to flap dramatically around her bodysuit.

Nearly ready for an undercoat. Just a little more greenstuff on the interior of the coat.

The arm is an eldar one, shaved down with a knife and sandpaper.  I think it’s a Dire Avenger Exarch sword arm.  The coat is from the Empire pistolier kit, a good one to have if you’re going for a steampunk feel (which I usually am).  For the glaive I used parts from a kroot rifle, a leman russ heavy stubber rack, and an ork choppa.  The base detail is a hacked-up killa kan skorcha arm left over from building Julius Borgez.  I think it gives the model a nice cyberpunk touch in keeping with my inspiration.  She has a bit of an old-school 40k look, rather than grimdark gothic and dripping with purity seals and skulls.

I’ve learned with Inquisitors that since they have such a wide variety of wacky wargear to choose from, the best thing to do is to give them some kind of impressive melee weapon and an ambiguous pistol.  That way you can mix it up with power weapons, force weapons, close combat weapons, bolt pistols, laspistols, plasma pistols, inferno pistols, whatever you feel like smiting the heretics with today.  Lucienne’s polearm could even be a power stake.

Hmmm.  I could be one of the first people in history to actually field a power stake on the gaming table . . .

Check out the finished product here!

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