Old Stuff Day

Rob over at Warhammer 39,999 has suggested that March 2nd be Old Stuff Day for 40k blogs – an opportunity for bloggers to showcase their favourite older posts that perhaps didn’t get as much love as they deserved.

I’m a very new member of the blogging community.  Warp Signal has only been up and running for about two weeks now, but one thing I am finding out is what a great bunch of people the 40k blogging community are.  Everyone I have spoken to is creative, positive, and supportive of one another, and has given me loads of tips. A far cry from the peanut gallery on the larger forums and sites.

So as a whippersnapper with not half a dozen posts to his name, instead of rehashing something you all (heh) read last week I’m just going to say thanks to the community for bringing our hobby together, and next year I promise I’ll have something to show!

Old Stuff Day is not just about our own stuff though, so I thought I’d share a post by Col. Corbane of Corbania Prime.  In the two years or so that I was a member of the aforementioned peanut gallery on Bell of Lost Souls, one post caught my eye more than any other as being under-appreciated.  Maybe it was the Bell demographic but the Colonel’s guest editorial on the origins of the game really seemed to go under the radar – well, by BoLS standards anyway!  The post clearly explained where the game we love came from, and why the designers sometimes seem to be odds with what the wider community thinks a wargame should be.  I’m a 40k player from way back and I remember (vaguely) when the big fella was pretty much an RPG too.

Great post Colonel, I salute you.

2 responses to “Old Stuff Day

  • David Stillberg

    By this time next year I’m sure you’ll have a ton of great posts to reminisce about. Thanks for the link to the Colonel’s editorial, I missed that when it was first posted.

    BTW, “whippersnapper” is a wonderful word 😉

    • James S

      Thanks David, I hope I do. And “whippersnapper” is such a great word that I used it twice in two posts. I think I need to ease off it a bit 😀

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