Inquisitor Izumi


Lucienne Izumi looked up as the whitewood door slid open, revealing her old sage and advisor. Orgone Accumulator stood tall and thin in the doorway, dressed in his usual musty dark robes.

“News, milady.”  He said breathlessly.  “The xenos Tau have expanded their front and a cadre of their filthy warriors have made landfall on our moon.  The garrison is moving to intercept as we speak, and I project that battle will be joined within 3.2 hours.”

The Inquisitor tilted her head to the side and regarded her advisor.  Coming to a decision, she slid lithely to her feet, whipped open her desk drawer and began checking her archaic bolt six-shooter.  “Get my Kasrkin and the precog, and have the chaplain bless my rosarius.”

“But milady, surely we have more pressing matters.  The Heaven’s Gift are beginning to delve too deeply into Malavar’s Grimoire.  Surely others can handle this development, we are Hereticus, and – ”  Lucienne silenced him with a look.  Her sage, while valuable, always did speak a little too freely.  She flexed the fingers of her bionic hand, lazily watching the light reflecting off the polished blue-steel.

“Yes Orgone, we are Hereticus.”  She said.  “And all xenos are heretics.”


So, I finished my new Alita-inspired Inquisitor after a bit of a drama – I managed to drop her on my concrete porch just before I undercoated her, and her arm and coat smashed off.  Pretty annoying.  Still, all’s well that ends well as my Gran used to say.

I try to experiment with new techniques whenever I paint characters, partly to increase my skill but mostly just for fun.  With Izumi I tried to get a lycra pants effect by starting with super-thin coats of pale blue-grey and then adding shadows outwards in darker and darker layers.  It looks OK but I probably could have got the same effect more easily some other way.  I used different base colours for the bionics (blue), glaive (dark grey) and six-shooter (pale grey), to try to give the impression of different grades of steel, but it turned out more subtle than I hoped for.  I got some metal medium and I’ve been highlighting with that, it’s awesome.

I aimed for a shiny red-leather effect on the coat by highlighting with dapple brush-strokes.  The fur lining was meant to look like fox-fur, but I didn’t get the colour quite orange enough.  I’m pleased with the result though, it frames the dark model well I think.  I need to stop taking such close-up pictures – my painting style looks pretty decent to the naked eye but doesn’t hold up well under magnification!

Izumi will be christened soon.  I’ll be playing a game against my mate Josh’s Tau, and I told him I’d use an Inquisitor because he’s never faced one.  Let’s hope she does me proud.

4 responses to “Inquisitor Izumi

  • Capn Stoogey

    Give those heathens no quarter! Show them the wrath of the Imperium!

  • Thor

    She looks great. I really like how the red came out. From experience I know red can be tricky but when done right it really sets a model off, as this does.

  • James S

    Thanks Thor, the only problem I have with the red is there is some tiny grit in it and I can’t figure out what the hell it is! You can’t see it in real life though so I suppose it’s OK.

  • Thor

    The grit is the nature of not painting in a vacuum I’m afraid. Same thing happens to me time to time. Some times it’s a fleck of dried paint from my pallet mixed in with fresh paint, a piece of dirt, something off my hands, you name it. The great part is you usually don’t notice it until you’re done and the light hits it just right.

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