Warhammer 1995

I was looking for something in my storage unit the other day and I found this, a photo of a diorama I set up way back in 1995 when I was in high school.  I would have been 17 or 18 when I painted these guys.  I used to play Fantasy a lot more than 40k and my Dwarfs far outnumbered my Orks, but somewhere along the line I lost interest in the Old World.

That Daemonslayer is a fantastic model.  It was the mini I was most proud of back then, and I painted that wraith dude for my little brother’s Undead army.  As I remember, I put their bases in a bowl of dirt with a twig for a tree, and set up a glossy hard-cover book with a landscape picture behind them.  I then took a photo with my SLR film camera(!)  Unlike today, when gamer culture is everywhere and nerds rule the earth, it was definitely not cool to be a geek in 1995.  I remember being really hesitant to get this picture developed because the camera shop people would see that I played Warhammer.

When I moved away from the little town I grew up in, I left my Dwarfs with a friend of mine to look after.  I saw him a couple of years later and he’d sold them without asking me, so I have no idea where they are now.  The wraith is in a box, covered in dust at my brother’s place.

For maximum authenticity I have done nothing to this picture in Photoshop but change the size.

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