Iybraesil Eldar

It’s new army time!  I’m sure all of you, if you’ve been in the hobby for long enough, have been taken by an idea for an army that you just have to make one day.  Well for me, that army is eldar and one day is today.  I even ordered my first models this afternoon.

I’ve noticed that people nearly always paint eldar models in vivid clean colours, which I think is a bit odd for a dying race.  I have this really strong image of a Wraithlord whose wraithbone is cracked and pitted, supported by infantry in faded finery.  This was the image that started off my idea.

Whilst flipping through the eldar codex I came across a snippet of information about the craftworld Iybraesil.  It doesn’t say much, which is the way I like it – sketchy information gives you much more creative space.  What it does say is that the Iybraesil eldar worship Morai-heg the blind crone goddess, and are dedicated to exploring the Crone Worlds.

For those who are less familiar with eldar lore, the Crone Worlds are dead or Daemon worlds in or near the Eye of Terror that used to be eldar homeworlds.  This is so awesome that I can’t believe I’ve never come across an Iybreasil army before.  I can envision a small exploratory force, braving the horrific environments of the Crone Worlds to recover their secrets for the good of the eldar people.  Such a force would be equipped for scouting, infiltration and sudden raids, so all of my favourite eldar units would fit the theme: Rangers, Striking Scorpions, and Harlequins to name a few.  I’ve wanted to paint some Harlequins since I was eleven years old dammit, and it’s just never happened for me.

Old school Eldar concept art by Jes Goodwin

Not only that, I can model and paint my Iybraesil eldar the way I described above: hardened, mysterious and exuding faded glory.  Their colours are blue and white, which is pretty much perfect for my idea.  They are eldar who have seen too much.  Not exactly tainted by Chaos (although that is a possibility) but weary, jaded and slightly changed by the bizarre planets they have visited in their forlorn and endless quest.

From a modeling perspective I’m thinking kitbashes of eldar, the new dark eldar, and Warhammer Fantasy Battle elves of all three flavours.  Iybraesil is a matriarchal society so I’m looking forward to building some sexy and/or crone-like character models!

The only slight problem I can see on the horizon is actually gaming with them.  I’ve never played eldar before, and from what I hear they are an unforgiving army that relies heavily on synergy between units.  This would suggest that a themed eldar army would by its nature be severely lacking certain elements, making synergy difficult.  If there are any seasoned eldar generals out there I would greatly appreciate some help with list building.  How would you build an eldar army with a explorer/raider theme that could at least hold its own on the table?

9 responses to “Iybraesil Eldar

  • David Stillberg

    Now that’s a wonderful idea! Screw synergy, just go with what you like 😉

  • Jason

    Honestly for a highly converted army at this point I would build what you want and see what the next codex brings… in like 2012. Foot based Eldar are a tough road to haul currently and leave VERY little room for theme and maintaining effectiveness. Mechdar, due to the price of Eldar basic transports, narrow your choices significantly also. I think the next Eldar codex is going to bring very significant changes, btu who knows when that’s happening.

  • James S

    Thanks guys, sounds like good advice. To be honest it’s kind of what I was hoping people would say, so I’m convinced 😉

    I like the time before a new codex actually, you have the freedom to collect what you want, and it’s a surprise whether it’ll be effective or not when the upgrade comes!

  • Capn Stoogey

    Man I hate Eldar!

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re some fantastic looking models, especially the grav tanks, but I think I’m mentally scarred from 2nd edition 40k.

    I still have nightmares about my Wolves getting slapped around by a WS 10, S and T 6 Demi God that cost 80 points! Or my Daemon prince being repeatedly mind raped by a poncy Farseer, and having his head explode before he even made contact with the knife ears!

    Rant aside, they really do have a great looking model range, and I think they would be fun and challenging to play with/against.

    The down side to this new project is that you’re inspiring me to get into my fledgling Guard and Nids armies, which means we’re gonna have to find time to play with them in between the Invasion of St Arkham games!

    What a shame….

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • James S

    Yeah, that’s . . . a damn shame 😉

    I’m glad my Guard army is complete enough to be playable – I feel OK about letting myself be distracted by the pointy-eared ones.

    It’ll be awesome to fight some Nids, and be on the receiving end of the lasguns for a change.

  • Dave / N++

    I do well with footdar, because mech is so expensive – but that’s very much a case of who I’m usually up against and I only play with friends.

    The shooty power is great though. I tend to use firing lines to threaten the enemy, forcing them to advance on me supported by mid-range light dire avenger/rangers and close range dragons/wraithguard to go for the throat. Positioning those dragons/wraiths becomes the key though, because they’re on foot with short range weapons. They need to be able to shoot past the avengers without giving cover saves and need to be able to position themselves that you get to shoot your opponent instead of being charged in close combat.

    I never have luck using close combat, and perhaps it’s because I prefer to bring the opponent to me, rather than engage them directly. Close combat means moving towards them.. and holding close combat units back means there’s more turns where a percentage of the points in your army are just doing nothing.

  • James S

    Thanks Dave. I’m leaning towards mostly shooty footdar, but jetbikes look good as troops to me. I’ve always loved the models.

    Looks like I’m all set for another less than optimized army 😉

  • Natfka

    I’ve always thought of Eldar as the One Army I will one day start. So I say go for it, by the time it gets painted and built the codex will be out.

    So start with base troops, and unless you really like the old bikes, hold off, I hear they are getting new ones.

    BTW, nice pic above.

  • James S

    Dammit I just ordered four jetbikes! Ah well, a nice mix of old and new will probably look cool. It’s not like the current ones look bad or anything.

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