Army swap game and Wintercon

Just a quick post today.  I mentioned earlier that over the long weekend I played an army swap game with Jay, one of my regular opponents.  Basically we both made up a quick 1000 point list with the other guy’s models and played Annihilation, so I used Jay’s Ultramarines and he used my Imperial Guard. We’ve both recently decided to build secondary armies.  I’ve settled on my Iybraesil Eldar and Jay is making a Guard army.  I think this is what inspired him to suggest the army swap – he was obviously keen to try out the Guard!

It was interesting because I reckon this is the first time I’ve played a game using marines since Rogue Trader . . . and I got my arse well and truly handed to me.  I went with a chaplain, an assault squad, a tac squad in a drop pod, scouts in a land speeder storm (because Jay’s scouts always mess my Guard up), and a vindicator because I guess I felt naked without a demolisher cannon.  Jay (from memory) went with a minimalist platoon, a company commander in a chimera, his valkyrie and a leman russ battle tank.

My vague plan was to reserve my entire army and drop in, getting right in the hapless guardsmen’s faces, and keep pressure up with the Vindicator. As it turned out they all came on bit by bit and were taken apart.  Here’s what I learned in a nutshell:

  • Scouts just rip guard up, getting across the table quickly, killing them in assault and then melta-bombing the big tanks.  Oh wait, I knew that already because IT HAPPENS TO ME EVERY GAME.
  • Rapid firing bolters from a full tac squad are deadly.  Unfortunately so are battle cannons.
  • Chaplains only have two wounds, and Litanies of Hate is not much good when you’re by yourself.
  • Power armour makes a big difference. Unfortunately so do battle cannons.

It was a good game, and if you are lucky enough to have regular opponents who you trust with your models then I recommend the army swap.  There was definitely something perversely fun about being the one behind the Ultramarines, killing my own guys!

Anyway, in other news I’m signing up for Wintercon, a two day 1850 tournament in June.  If you’re on the east coast of Australia and within striking distance of Canberra keep it in mind.

6 responses to “Army swap game and Wintercon

  • Capn Stoogey

    Don’t forget the vets that jumped out of the valk, rapid fired their plasma guns and turned the vindicator into a colander… 😉

  • James S

    I knew I was forgetting something . . .

  • Capn Stoogey

    Sorry, been listening to too much “Worlds End Radio”, the trash talk is rubbing off!

  • Thor

    An army swap sounds like fun, may have to try that. Yes, rapid firing bolters is so often overlooked and neglected by Marine players and opponent’s alike. It’s damn effective and what Tact Marine excel at.

  • #2501

    You might wanna get (by which I mean, convert) some Hydras for your guard. They’re cheap, effective, and kill skimmers dead.

  • James S

    #2501, I actually really like the idea of the Hydra and I’ve always wanted a couple, but I could never be bothered building them. I wouldn’t want to do it unless I could get it to look a bit different from the standard chimera-with-bastion stuck on the top, and that requires effort. I prefer converting infantry models to vehicles to be honest. Lately though I’ve been seriously thinking about a pair of Hydras . . .

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