Iybraesil Eldar: it begins

So, the first models just arrived to kick off my Iybraesil Eldar.  I got some rangers from eBay, and I have to mention how great the seller was. I’ve been scammed by sellers in the UK a few times when buying hobby stuff. This guy took ages to post the item and didn’t reply to my first message, so I was understandably getting worried.  But then he got back to me and said he’d had some computer trouble and would throw in a free gift to make amends. The rangers arrived a week or so later with a free striking scorpion! The most awesome thing about this is that I was planning to include a squad of Scorpions in my 500 points, and now I have an extra elf.  So there you go.  There are honest people out there.

I was a bit stuck on how I was going to base my army.  I want them to look like creepy, eldtritch night Eldar.  Not evil or sadistic like Dark Eldar, more a sort of bad faerie feel like WHFB Wood Elves and Dryads in their destructive aspect.  I think the bases will be an important part of getting this across, so I don’t just want to give them urban hive-city bases to match my table.  I want an evil forest look, to show that they are actually exploring a Crone World (I imagine quite a few Crone Worlds are creepy, corrupted forest planets).  I got some Dryad back branches because they have evil little spites on them and look crooked and mean.

Checking Google for “evil forest”pictures, I found something interesting.  I assumed that darker would be creepier, but most of the scariest images it seems to me are quite pale, or they have dark and light elements but are washed out.  Like these:

Apologies if this is your artwork - it shows up a fair bit on Google but I couldn't find the orginal anywhere.

OK so the hideous ghost in the foreground and the words "HAUNTED FOREST" probably help make this picture scary. But the trees do look a bit freaky.

I’m not sure why washed out, pale tones look scary when it comes to woodland scenes but they do. Maybe the lack of contrast reminds us of night time and wakes up animal instincts?  Or maybe Japanese horror movies and the Blair Witch Project have made us afraid of black and white! Whatever the reason, I think I’m going to go for pale branches and dark, almost black grass.  I’ll post pics when the first rangers are done.

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