Stylish Blog Award

Looks classy.

Thor over at Creative Twilight has very kindly nominated me for a Stylish Blog Award.  You’ve probably seen it do the rounds on all your favourite gaming blogs.  I know I have, and also I’ve been secretly hoping for a nod, so thanks Thor!  Much appreciated.

Like all good internet community awards, it comes with rules and pass-it-on instructions.  So here are seven things you probably don’t know about me, followed by my own nominations.

  1. Like so many white males I seem to have a small but unshakeable obsession with Japanese culture (why is that?)  I studied – and later taught – kenjutsu and iaijutsu between the ages of 12 and 19.  Also I like anime.
  2. I look really young.  I don’t like telling people my age because it usually freaks them out and they look at me as though I’ve deceived them somehow.  I’m kind of skinny and look like I’m in my early twenties when I’m actually thirty four.
  3. My first ever 40k army was Salamanders, back in Rogue Trader when I was 11 years old.  I liked the dark green colour.
  4. I respect The Lord of the Rings for its epic scope, mythical style, detailed world and seminal place in the fantasy literature canon, but I actually think it’s kind of boring to read.  Don’t tell anyone.
  5. I have a pet rabbit, and he’s really lucky that his cuteness slightly outweighs how annoying it is when he chews up all my stuff.  I don’t recommend them as pets.
  6. I have massive difficulty willing myself to get into water that’s even slightly colder than body temperature.  This is a problem when you’re Australian and your whole culture idolizes the beach.
  7. I once had a little too much to drink and bit one of those divinatory runestones that New Age people have clean in half while yelling “IN YOUR FACE ODIN!”  I chipped my molar, so I guess the Norse pantheon won that round.

And my nominations . . . Ten is suggested, but I only have a small blogroll, and most of them have been nominated already, stylish bastards that they are.  So here are a few that I think deserve it but seem to have been missed, as far as I know:

Tentakel Games – It was stumbling on this blog at the height of my dissatisfaction with forums that inspired me to start Warp Signal.  Great painting pics and great attitude.

Porky’s Expanse – It certainly is expansive, and has a style all it’s own.  I can’t believe the Porkster hasn’t been nominated yet!

Faeit212 – Natfka posts frequent rumours and news in a balanced and non-hysterical fashion.  Plus this blog often features beautiful art sourced from around the net.

8 responses to “Stylish Blog Award

  • Capn Stoogey

    I 100% agree with #4, and think #7 is frakking awesome.


  • Capn Stoogey

    Oh, and best of luck too!


  • Thor

    Congrats 🙂

    #4 I can understand. I watched the first movie and then got into the books, which made the first book a chore but the following two were much better not having seen the movies since they weren’t out yet. I have some other Tolkien books I’ve not managed to go through yet for fear of dryness and boredom.

  • Porky

    It’s probably reasonable you can’t believe it, because I have..! This is the sixth nomination already… Thank you very much – it’s always humbling. They all count, and the kind words make me very happy.

    Man, what if I nominated 75 blogs now..? Would the net hold up?

  • James S

    @Capn Stoogey, best of luck with what? I feel like you’re planning something 😉

    @Thor, I like The Hobbit. That’s a good book, and i can’t wait for the movie. Smaug is going to be so awesome. I once read a book of critical essays he wrote called The Monsters and the Critics. That was OK, because critical essays are meant to be dry and boring!

    @Porky, I was wondering what you were going to do, since a big part of your blog already is raising awareness of other blogs!

  • Capn Stoogey

    I meant best of luck for the stylish blog award, or am I misunderstanding how it works?

    Also, how do dragons hold pens?

    I’m sorry, terrible jokes are becoming a bad habit of mine…

  • James S

    Hey, it was a big pen . . .

    Yeah, there’s no contest I don’t think. I think the nomination is the thing. I could be wrong.

  • Capn Stoogey

    Well good luck if it’s a competition, and well done if it’s based on nominations! 😀

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