Stand up to the plastic man

So I’ve been thinking a bit overnight about Games Workshop’s world pricing policies.  I no longer think it matters whether or not they actually implement their rumoured ban on European re-sellers selling overseas or not.  That is not the real problem – the real problem goes far deeper.  Australians and other customers simply should not have to pay the exorbitant prices that GW are trying to foist on us.  It is unjust.

What we should be demanding here as consumers is fair pricing world-wide.  I don’t want to buy from Maelstrom.  I want to buy from Games Workshop in my own town at prices comparable to those offered to UK and US citizens.  If there is some real, pressing reason why this is not possible, I want to know why.  This is 2011, we all have access to the internet, we can all check the prices across websites.  We all know (or can easily discover) how much shipping and taxes and currency exchange rates actually add up to, and many of us can put two and two together.

If we care about this issue, as consumers we should be trying to force a fair world-wide pricing structure from GW, not sneaking around behind their back buying from discounters.  That leaves all the power in their hands, as the current issue (whether true or not) demonstrates.

This does not appear to be a big issue morally (we’re talking about little plastic soldiers I know), but it doesn’t actually matter what product or industry we’re talking about.  Customers in different parts of the world should not be charged vastly different prices for the same product without a plausible explanation.

Here is a facebook petition.  This is a good idea I think, as facebook is a third party with a vested interest in attracting traffic, and they are MUCH bigger than Games Workshop.  Please join the group if you can spare a few moments.

5 responses to “Stand up to the plastic man

  • James S

    By all means! Thanks for helping out 😀

  • Capn Stoogey

    It is only little plastic men, but it’s the principle! GW has been a big part of my life for about 15 years, over half my time in this planet, and I am absolutely gutted because I genuinely feel like walking away.

    I highly doubt I will however, because I love the minis and the universe they have created, and I have invested countless hours and dollars into the hobby, but the fact that I feel like I want to is very upsetting.

    Like you said, we should never have had to go to places like maelstrom, we should be getting comparable prices and this is what has to change.

    Until it does, I wil be using every trick and resource I have to buy stuff from the UK so I can continue the hobby I love, but it’s going to take a while to get rid of this bitter taste I’m left with after the past few days.

  • James S

    Well said. That’s pretty much how I feel, it is painful to feel like they don’t give a rat’s arse about us when we’ve been playing and collecting for decades(!) I mean we grew up with this stuff. There’s a lot of emotional attachment there.

    Good news is that one of the admins of the facebook petition has a meeting with the head of GW Australia scheduled for next week I think? I saw it on the facebook page. So our community concerns will be raised, and hopefully we can get some sort of result. I’m shocked they’ve agreed to a meeting frankly, it’s awesome 😀

  • Capn Stoogey

    Yeah, I saw that this arvo, Fingers crossed!

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