Funny Search Terms

One of the features of WordPress is a little thing that reports the search engine terms people used to find your site.  Sometimes the things that have brought people to Warp Signal really crack me up.

Yesterday, someone found me by googling “photos about sexy naked adepta sororitas.”  Yeah . . . sorry to disappoint you mate.

Someone else got here with “the bell of lost souls community sucks.” Sounds like someone tried to be reasonable and polite in the wrong place!  Nah just kidding BoLS, you guys are alright – unfortunately the same can’t be said for some of your followers.

Every single day (I kid you not), I get hits from Dune fans, leading them to my most popular post of all time.  A couple of weeks ago someone found my article while looking for “dune movie sex scene.”  Given that there aren’t any explicit sex scenes in Dune, I don’t like to imagine which characters they were hoping to find involved in said scene.

A few others I’ve had in recent weeks:

“games workshop is a horrible company.”  Are you asking the internet or telling it?

“steampunk alita.”  Wow that’s . . . awfully specific.  Good luck with that one.  Oh wait.  I made one of them.

“night eldar fairy.”  Wait, what game are you playing?  World of Warhammer 40,000: The Peter Pan Crusade?

Sometimes I really hate the internet.  Other times, I love it 😀

5 responses to “Funny Search Terms

  • Thor

    It’s fun isn’t it? I really should post mine up too, though haven’t had any great ones lately.

  • eriochrome

    I just posted on this less than a week ago after see a hit from I kid you not “dwarf ultrasound”. Due to my site I get twilight novel traffic but I also got “Marine Honor Guard” once when I think they were looking for USMC Honor Guard information for a fallen family member. I probably get 20-30 search hits then 20-30 image hits a day.

  • Capn Stoogey

    “Night Eldar Fairy” pretty much describes all those pointy eared gits!

    I mean… Can’t wait to play your Iybraesil!


  • Thor

    Dwarf ultrasound, lol!

    Yeah, I get a bit of Twilight traffic too for Creative Twilight. I get my posts re-tweeted from Twilight bots, posts that have nothing at all to do with Twilight of course.

  • James S

    @eriochrome, I just went and checked your blog, I like how you tracked down what caused the “Dwarf Ultrasound” result. It makes me want to puzzle out my ones. Although I don’t think remember ever promoting sororitas nudity on my site (oops now I have – I wonder if comments trigger google hits too?)

    @Thor, I’ve been keeping track of the good ones for a while now, ever since I got Dune Movie Sex Scene. Every now and then I’ll put up some more for my own and other’s amusement. And I have to admit, the first thing I thought when I saw your blog’s name a few months back was “that guy must disappoint a lot of Twilight fans” 😀

    @Capn Stoogey: Don’t worry, soon you will be Tasting the Rainbow . . . of Pain!

    Man I really need to work on my trash talk. Guard players don’t normally need it. When you’re a Guard player and your opponent taunts you you just have to smile, nod, and then deploy your phalanx of Russes.

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