Iybraesil Rangers

This photo is a little dark . . . but it gives them the moonlight effect I wanted in a cheaty photoshop way!

Here are the first completed models for my Iybraesil Eldar warhost: a couple of Rangers.  I want to try to paint my new Eldar army in a completely different style from my Imperial Guard, not just in different colours, so in the spirit of painting outside the lines I really went to town on these guys with techniques, tools and wild colour theories I’ve never used before.  I even used flock/static grass for the first time.

The crackle effect failed miserably on the bloody trophies.

This is a great model.

First I undercoated them with grey primer, then washed them thickly all over with dark blue-black.  Then I held a can of white spray-paint above them and blasted straight down.  I wanted it to look like the Eldar are in moonlight on a spooky Crone World, not just highlight the raised areas like I usually do.

Next I blocked in the main colours with really thin washes so that the spray highlight showed through naturally and the effect was more like water-colour than solid paint.  Iybraesil’s colours are blue and white so that’s what I went with: blue armour and bone helmets and weapons.  I then picked out the details like straps, buttons and talismans with solid colours.  I deliberately avoided using any pure white or black at all on the models, hoping for a soft light effect.  Finally I washed the models again all over with blue-black mixed with a bit of windex, which left an unplanned grainy effect that I really like.

I tried non-metallic metal for the first time on this elf's captured kroot weapons. And no, you didn't see those bits of flash.

Overall I think they were a success, though as with any experimental process things will go wrong.  I tried out some crackle medium on one elf’s rifle strap trophy, hoping for a dried blood effect, but it didn’t do anything.  I think maybe the area was too small. Also, the subtle shades and highlights look a bit too subtle, especially in photos.  And last but not least, they have white pointy heads . . . and I seem to have stumbled upon the precise paint recipe for Smurf Skin Blue.  So that’s kind of funny.

I’m stoked with how these dudes turned out, and I’m really looking forward to painting my jetbikes now.  They just arrived as part of the final Maelstrom order I made before the announcement of Evil GW’s™ shipping embargo.

5 responses to “Iybraesil Rangers

  • Capn Stoogey

    Awesome dude! Thinking back on your post with the pics of spooky forests, I think you really captured the feel you were going for.

    Looking forward to seeing them for realsies!


  • Blackmane

    I think they look really good. The colours you’ve chosen work really well for the rangers. The grey on the cloaks and the bone of the rangers weapons are just different enough to stand out but at the same time look coherent. The blue is just right so it doesn’t overpower the more nuetral tones but at the same time helps to add a bit of colour to them. Well done on them and I look forward to seeing more of the army.

  • sho3box

    The rangers look cool. An army in that scheme should be great.

    Maybe the next time that you photograph Iybraesil figures you might consider putting in some other figures or terrain or something with a broader palette, just to give context to help with admiring your work 🙂

    As a side issue it is interesting to me that you included NMM techniques on these guys. NMM is (to my mind at least) almost the definition of the emphasis on the technical that you spoke about in your excellent “Painting Outside the Lines” post.

    I dont mean this as a criticism, just an observation 🙂 Obviously there isnt anything inherently bad about NMM, its just interesting to me that you chose to try it out in this context.

    I look forward to seeing the bikes.

  • Thor

    I agree with what’s been said. They look great, the color choices work well and it all comes together nicely.

  • James S

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback -it’s always nice to get encouragement!

    @sho3box, yeah, when they were finished I looked at them and thought damn, they look more like highly technical models than my usual guys, which is a little embarrassing considering my declared aims. It’s kind of weird.

    As for the NMM, I actually had a reason 🙂 I went with it because I was aiming to make the models look more like a painting than realistic, and NMM is a technique that replicates light and shadow in a painterly way. Basically, I wanted everything on them to match in style.

    The captured/scrounged weapons on the Rangers will be the only metal in the army anyway, seeing as the rest of Eldar tech looks like bone or gems.

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