Taste the raw cardboard power of the Chaos gods!

I didn’t end up making it to Wintercon this year as a player.  I’ve been working really hard on real-life work stuff, which has taken me away from the hobby a bit.  I did manage to drop in yesterday morning though with my girlfriend, after we went shopping.  It seemed like a really relaxed and fun atmosphere, and I was sorry I wasn’t playing.  I noticed a few things:

  • There were several armies in the 40k tournament made up completely of non-GW models.  I reckon this trend will probably increase here in Australia.
  • There seemed to be mostly marines as usual in the 40k contest, but there were more than a few Dark Eldar armies and at least one Grey Knights force.
  • There was at least one woman playing 40k and another playing Warhammer Fantasy, which was great to see.
  • I also saw what looked like two players with paperhammer vehicles in their armies.  One of them was a fully mechanized force.  I’ve always wanted to give this a try, if they’d been fully painted they would have looked pretty cool.
  • I’ve been thinking about alternative systems lately, and I have to say that the Warmachine/Hordes games looked cool.  I’ve never really seen anyone playing a game before (only pics of the models) and the big mechs and monsters looked striking on the table.  I particularly liked the Hordes Trollbloods, and Wamachine mercenaries look nice too.

Jay’s on his way over now to play the sixth battle in The Invasion of St. Arkham, after a really long hiatus.  I think we’ve both felt a little soured on GW lately, but there’s no way I’m letting their antics stop me from enjoying my hobby.  I’m looking foward to the battle.  Lord General Drake, commander of battlegroup Wyvern, will finally meet the Ultramarines face to face . . .


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