Sisters of Battle mini-codex

So this is probably old news to most of you, but GW has announced that there will be a Sisters of Battle mini-codex printed across two up-coming issues of White Dwarf. Since the Witch Hunters are one of my 40k armies, I have some thoughts on this.

I’m actually pretty glad, for the following reasons (I’ll take any excuse for gratuitous dot-points. Any excuse):

  • Two White Dwarfs are cheaper than one codex.  Plus there might be a PDF later.
  • A White Dwarf codex doesn’t seem like the sort of release that will warrant an entire restructuring of the model range. This means I probably won’t have to re-purchase my metal battle sisters that cost me quite a lot of money and time to paint.  Not that anyone would have a gun to my head, but you know how it is. When you see something new and better than the old ones, you want them, naturally.
  • If they do release new sisters models, they’ll be plastic, allowing easier conversions. Basically I win either way.
  • Or, they may be Finecast re-hashes of the old ones, in which case I’ll only have a few to buy anyway to make my Sisters Y211 compliant.
  • I’m looking forward to new rules, obviously. I don’t care if the new rules outlaw my favourite combos or whatever – I don’t play 40k to prove how smart I am. The only thing they could do rules-wise that would annoy me is if they get rid of something I enjoyed in terms of the background, like Penitent Engines, and that’s unlikely. As far as I’m concerned, things can only get better rules-wise. Maybe I’ll get 35 point rhinos and *gasp* repressors.  As to what the changes are actually going to be, I’ll be interested to see how they match up with my earlier predictions.
  • Finally, and this may be a bit controversial: I think the Sisters of Battle are better suited to a White Dwarf/PDF release, as they are something of a sub-faction in 40k. I want them to be a legal, up-to-date force, but come on, they don’t need a whole codex on par with the other major factions.

Sisters are like Kroot Mercenaries to my mind. They deserve to keep their place in the 40k universe, but they don’t warrant a full-scale release. I think it’s a good idea to have small-scale factions like this as well as full-codex factions. They allow players to collect something a bit different, keep other players with more widely-played armies on their toes, and keep the background and lore of 40k deep and alive.

Forces like this are perfect as secondary armies. Imagine small White Dwarf or PDF mini-codexes of Sisters/ecclesiarchy, Kroot Mercenaries, Genestealer Cult, Lost and the Damned, Arbites, Inquisition, Eldar Exodites – the sky’s the limit.  Variety of choice is what I want for 40k in the future.  GW is unlikely to provide this variety if they have to do a Marine-scale release each time, that competes with their flagship factions.  Mini-codexes are the perfect solution.

Note: If you look carefully in the top left of the Blanche painting above, you’ll see a banner with a Sister wearing bone armour with a yellow robe and a black shield. This banner was the inspiration for my own Order of the Revenant Maiden’s colours.

4 responses to “Sisters of Battle mini-codex

  • Von

    I’ve long felt that GW missed a trick when they toyed with reintroducing rules for alliances during the Daemonhunters, Lost and Damned and Kroot Mercenaries experiments. I’d be much more inclined to play if I could plug in one of everything except Troops from an oddball minidex and give myself some variety, and it’s arguably a more sensible way to treat things like Inquisitors and Daemons that should be attached to an army they’ve requisitioned or that thinks it’s requisitioning them.

    WFB tried the same thing with the Dogs of War and Kislevites and again, it seemed to fizzle, although I blame the players for that one, with their “Dogs of War are a crutch for weak players!” peer-pressure garbage.

  • Capn Stoogey

    It’s a real shame, the way GW has just become about the bottom line rather than the hobby. I fondly remember years ago getting a white dwarf that had a 16 or so page “Codex Officio Assassinorum”. It was excellent, detailing the four temples, even had a couple of missions, stuff like a kill team game but with a lone Vindicare as the attacker. Something like that would have been perfect for the Sisters!

  • James S

    Yeah, I’ve often wished that they would develop a Dogs of War style list for 40k. The 40k universe is so enormous, I think a mercenaries codex would fit right in.

    I’d do it myself, but I’m not much of a gaming DIY-er these days.

  • Deb

    I made a Sisters army when the guys at work told me I’d like 40k. I insisted I’d only play an all female army and they responded with “there IS one!” Its fun to be one of few 40k female players AND the Sisters of Battle!!! (looking forward to a PDF release)

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