Myth Marked Merchandise


The grass surged in the breeze.  There were holes in his memory.  Some things he remembered well, like the night that the agents of Toyotomi had infiltrated his lord’s castle.  He remembered cutting the scrawny, black-clad peasant down in the twilight.  The dogs barked around him, their fanged and bestial snouts dripping spit and filth.

There had been a transformation.  He couldn’t remember what.  He couldn’t remember his name.  Looking out over the long wavy grass, he moved his hand to the sheath of his katana.  He could feel his companions around him, but couldn’t see them.  He couldn’t see the enemy either.  Beyond a few feet the grass vanished, the night beyond black as a new moon.

He thought suddenly of Keiko, of watching the swan diving in the pond at her father’s estate, her umbrella in his hand.  The sparkle of the sun on the water.

And then the bloodlust was on him.  He could hear the whining, hissing arrows of the enemy as battle was joined.  Tearing his sword from its sheath he ran into the grass.  It whipped at his legs.  An arrow vibrated in his armour, and another struck him in the chest.  A light began to bloom in the darkness, like an eclipse receding, revealing the sun.  He thought of the phoenix in the west.  The sages of China claimed that it burned up and was reborn every year.  The light was stronger now, like a breaking dawn, and he suddenly remembered that it was the same every day.

The grass surged in the breeze and darkness lay beyond.  There were holes in his memory.


What you just read was my contribution to Jennie’s project, inspired by this conversation at Porky’s Expanse.  The idea is to write something (poetry or short fiction) that is not a vampire or werewolf story, using as many of the following words as you can: twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, bloodlust, fanged, sparkle, swan, phoenix, bestial, and transformation.  I’m pretty sure I used them all . . .

It also may or may not be a sly attempt to garner us page views/blow the minds of Twilight fans 😉


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