Infinity: picking up the old d20s again

I’ve decided to try a new game.  After all the recent shenanigans with Games Workshop hitting my wallet in the face with a brick (apparently just because I’m a dirty colonial), I feel like a change.

I’m not abandoning 40k of course – most of the fun relies on me and my mates not on GW, and I have a lot invested in it – but I am hankering for a good, modern skirmish game to play on the side, with some new background to sink my teeth into.

I emphasize modern: I thought about Necromunda, but quite frankly if I’m going to all the trouble of starting up a new miniatures game, why would I pick an unsupported system from nearly 20 years ago? There’s too much nostalgia and backwards-looking in gaming (and culture in general) already without me adding to it.  So . . . to the future!

At first I was leaning toward Malifaux, but after a fair bit of research I’m going for Infinity.  While I don’t dislike steampunk, I’m a cyberpunk boy at heart and the anime aesthetic of the Infinity models has won me over.  It was a tough battle, but I like them better than the Malifaux range.  Plus, it uses d20s!  There’s a special place in my heart for the good old d20.

So here we go.  I’m buying some models probably next week.  They’ll be different, and fun to paint, and hopefully I can lure in some of my regular opponents.  I have to admit I was also swayed by the fantastic-looking Infinity tables at Cancon earlier this year.  And the extremely enthusiastic guy who leaped out at me and gave a passionate five minute spiel when he overheard my friend wondering what that cool-looking game was.  Any game that inspires someone that much must be decent right?


Only now I can’t decide on a faction to start with.  All the factions have great looking models, so I did some research to find out about play-styles.  Anyone who reads Warp Signal regularly knows I’m a bit of a reckless daring commander.  I like decisive action but I also like tricks and one-shots.  What I found out (mainly from forums and the wikipedia page, which was surprisingly in-depth) was that Infinity doesn’t have any factional play-styles to speak of.  Any faction can accommodate any desired play-style, and the game is far more influenced by the terrain and your tactics than your chosen faction or list.  There are factions that are a little better than others at certain things – Yu Jing apparently have high close quarters ability, and Ariadna are stealthy, but you’re not going to win or lose based on match-up.  I like the sound of this.

But that still leaves me stumped as to a faction to pick!  They all look cool.  I’m torn between Aleph, Nomads and Yu Jing I think, although the Haqqislam starter pack models are really nice too.

I'm a sucker for a pretty 28mm face.

Aleph: Sinister AI with post-human cyborgs and robots.  They have a sort of clean anime look I really like.  Apparently they have a variety of unique and subtle tricks, which sounds fun . . .

Yu Jing:  Well, they have ninjas and samurai, for a start.  I like the idea of swift, hard-hitting cyberpunk warriors.  This faction appeals to my love of decisive strikes and hakama.

Nomads:  Intergalactic nomads/mafia.  Rogue hackers and shady crime-lords just sound tricksy and brutal.  They have a good variety in their model range too (e.g. the lycanthropic guys at the top of the page).

Haqqislam:  This one is interesting.  Apparently they have excellent medical technology, which makes their troops very survivable.  The models have a military aesthetic and remind me somehow of Dune.

Right, so I’ll probably eventually buy two factions if this pans out (that’s the beauty of skirmish games), but next time I post on Infinity it’ll hopefully be because I sucked it up and picked a side!

If anyone reading this plays already, I’d love to hear your thoughts about which faction you chose and why.

All images used without permission.

2 responses to “Infinity: picking up the old d20s again

  • sho3box

    The only thing that has stopped me from picking up Infinity figures before now is the very high pricing.

    They are undeniably lovely though I will be interested to see how this project develops.

  • James S

    @sho3box, that’s really funny. As an Australian gamer one of the main reasons I’m picking up the game is the low price compared with GW 😀

    I looked at the models and thought “I can get maybe three playable forces of these great models for less than the price of one 40k army? Count me in!”

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