Infinity – Yu Jing

So I used my 16% off Maelstrom voucher (which I can no longer use to get GW products) to get my first Infinity models!  I went with a Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial Army starter pack – in the end, the cyberpunk samurai won me over.  Capn Stoogey has joined me (thanks for not leaving me out in the cold mate!) and ordered the Aleph starter pack, so I’m really looking forward to painting the models and trying out the game.

I’ve already got some ideas in mind for paint schemes.  I’d like to try a traditional Japanese lacquer effect on the armour, so I’m thinking flat layers of colour with no highlights, coated with high gloss varnish.  I’m still undecided whether to go with traditional colourful samurai clothing or dark blues, whites and blacks so they look like a modern kendo class.

Image used without permission.


3 responses to “Infinity – Yu Jing

  • Capn Stoogey

    What can I say, I’m a giver 😉

    Are you thinking of individual, heraldry type colours, or something unified, like the warriors are wearing the colours of their Daimyo?

  • Von

    Colourful! You know it makes sense! Dark and boring is for, well, dark and boring people! 😀

  • James S

    Heh, you guys have convinced me. Colourful it is!

    @Capn Stoogey, I’ve been reading the background on the website and the keisotsu are the working class soldiers. The oniwaban is a ninja and the domaru is a samurai from a name family. So maybe heraldric for the oniwaban and the domaru, and the keisotsu’s colours can reflect the domaru’s?

    I have a design book of samurai patterns in my shelf that was given to me as a gift in high school. Lucky I held onto it for all these years!

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