Iybraesil Rangers ready for battle

I’ve finally finished off my last three Iybraesil Rangers.  They came out pretty well I think.

I read in some Rogue Trader-era background that Eldar warriors wear warpaint under their armour as part of their whole adopting the warrior aspect thing, so I thought I’d try painting the ranger’s rune in blood on one of the elf’s foreheads.  I think it looks neat, plus it’ll be good practice for my Farseer and warlocks whose rune-armour is going to be body-paint.

The completed squad.

Now to build the jetbikes.  But first . . . I have to finish painting Lord General Drake, my counts-as Straken.  I can’t have him still undercoated in the final apocalyptic battle of the campaign.  Plus my Infinity guys will be arriving soon too.

So many projects, so little hobby time.

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