I only just noticed Warhammer Fantasy Battle unit fillers

That’s the old Warhammer spirit! Creative modeling and a dark fantasy feel.

I just read this post on House of Paincakes, from Jungles of Lustria, and it really interested me.  I don’t play Warhammer Fantasy Battle these days so I hadn’t realized that this was going on in the community, but seriously, what a great idea!  Apparently there’s some controversy, some people think it’s cheating or whatever, but unless you love being punished by Games Workshop and think we should all line up and take our medicine I can’t see how you could object.

This looks to me like an obvious adaptation to the increasing problem of scale in Games Workshop’s flagship games.  It really warms my heart.  Companies will naturally try to push you into spending as much money as you can bear, but the humble consumer will always find a way around their tricks eventually if the price is seen as exploitative.  Unit fillers solve the problem of the wallet- excruciating, game-retarding number of models WHFB requires these days, and simultaneously encourage imaginative modeling.  Win-win!

If only 40k wasn’t a fake skirmish game I could make some for my Imperial Guard platoons . . .


6 responses to “I only just noticed Warhammer Fantasy Battle unit fillers

  • Porky

    There’s a challenge. I don’t think I’ve given any thought to this in 40K, but it does bear thinking about. For the Imperial Guard the starting point could be weapon teams, and maybe having a barrel emerging from camouflage netting or very heavy undergrowth is a beginning. Single figures are far tougher though. Rubbing my chin thoughtfully. I’m for anything that blends miniature and landscape better.

  • iggykoopa30

    Hey, good idea! Not sure how you could pull it off in 40k but I’m sure there is something that can be thought of, especially with all the newer, bigger models that keep getting added. Thanks for reading my article, hope you enjoyed it.

  • James S

    @iggykoopa30 yeah, I did enjoy it 🙂

    I’m not sure it would work in 40k because of the skirmish formation. It only works in Fantasy because the units have to be in ranks and you can easily make bases the size of 8 models or whatever. You couldn’t really make a unit filler for Wood Elf Wardancers for example.

    @Porky, the heavy weapon teams are good fun, I have a sniper lascannon under a canopy that always gets comments from new opponents. But like I said, the whole skirmish formation thing in 40k pretty much precludes putting heaps of guys on one base 😦

  • iggykoopa30

    True. But there are some things that could be done. Like, stationary artillery, for example. You could make a sort of mini-diorama out of a weapons battery that is entrenched, knowing that it’s going to stay put for the whole game. Even if it did move you could move the whole base. I guess I’m thinking of Dwarf Cannons or Goblin Spear Chukkas that have scenic bases… they’re not really unit fillers but they serve as a centerpiece for an army and also make it easier to move around. Just a thought…

  • James S

    @iggykoopa30, that’s right, there’s always room for some cool conversions. Entrenched artillery would be awesome. I’m wracking my brain to think of other things that might work.

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