Iybraesil Farseer Ready for Painting

I’ve been working on my Iybraesil Eldar a bit lately.  Here is my Farseer on her jetbike, undercoated with grey primer, a blue-black wash with windex and a quick spray of white undercoat to create the highlights.  I’ll be using the same watery technique as I did on my Rangers.  I’m really looking forward to painting the bloody warpaint and an image of Morai-Heg the blind crone goddess on the canopy.  Apologies for the rough photos, I lack patience.

I was originally going to use this Reaper devil lady I had lying around, with the scythe from the Empire wizard kit, but encountered several problems.

The scythe was too gothic (much better suited to Sisters of Battle), the model’s metal head was extremely difficult to remove without damaging the really thin arms, and I didn’t like her boots.  Overall it just didn’t look right.

So I green-stuffed the new Dark Elf Sorceress to some jetbike legs and shaved the thighs down. Now she’s completely under-equipped for battle in her armoured boots and bikini top, in the time-honoured tradition of fantasy heroines.

Meh.  Who needs pants when you have psychically attuned warpaint eh?

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