Friendly Tournament List for ANUCON 2011

So I signed up for a local 40 player tournament next weekend.  It was a bit of a snap decision, but it’s a “friendly” tournament close to my house so it looks like a good opportunity to play some people I don’t normally play.  I wanted to go in Stouthammer this year because it’s held at a bar, but unfortunately it’s on the same weekend as my sister’s wedding.

This one will have to do.  I’ve played in an ANUCON before and had a great time.  They provide sausages.  There’s also a team battle which should be awesome.  My list is at the end of this post if anyone is interested.

Tournaments in Australia use army composition penalties, presumably because we hate winners, and I like it that way – it means I can field units that meta-game analysis forbids and not be at risk of being smashed mercilessly in every game.

I guess a 1500 point tournament that doesn’t allow optimized lists (I’m serious, the TO rejects them), must seem pretty odd to any US readers.  But that’s how we usually do it.

This tournament in particular is very friendly focused.  The scores are 50% generalship, 30% sports and 20% painting, and the sports grading criteria are pretty comprehensive.  So considering I came equal first in sports points in the last tournament I played in, I might, might actually win a prize.

Bad news is that my Farseer is now on hold until I paint a few Kasrkin.

Oh yeah, my list.  This took all of fifteen minutes to write, and I gotta say I’m really looking forward to using Nork.  I’m pretty casual, so I think tournaments are a good opportunity to try out units you’ve never used before. A sort of baptism of fire.  So here’s my 1500 points. The team battle list is a 1000 points scaled down version of this one.

  • Company Command Squad, power weapon, medic, sniper, lascannon team, Nork Deddog
  • 5 Stormtroopers, bolter, power weapon, 2 melta guns, melta bombs
  • Veteran squad, power fist, 3 plasma guns, chimera (multi-laser and heavy flamer), Grenadiers
  • Platoon command squad, heavy bolter team, chimera (multi-laser and heavy flamer)
  • Infantry squad, grenade launcher, power weapon, commissar with power weapon
  • Infantry squad, grenade launcher, power weapon, melta bombs
  • Heavy weapon squad, 3 autocannon teams
  • 6 Rough Riders, power weapon
  • Banewolf, hull multi-melta
  • Leman Russ Demolisher, multi-melta sponsons, heavy flamer
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank, heavy flamer, pintle heavy stubber

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