Japan Makes Me Cry

I’ve mentioned before that my favourite manga series of all time is Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm in Japan).  When I was in high school I owned this resin garage kit:

The main thing I remember about this kit was that the fingers were frighteningly thin and brittle.

Unfortunately it’s vanished into the mists of time.  I remembered it a little while ago though and had (what I thought was) a great idea.  I’d get a resin garage kit, maybe 1/32 or 1/48 scale, of a shirtless anime guy in tight pants. Then I’d go nuts and make him into an Avatar for my Iybraesil Eldar. Anime dudes are skinny but muscular, like Eldar, and I thought the chances of finding one with leather pants was pretty good.  Hey, I’ve seen anime.

I should have known better.  If anyone reading this is into anime kits and can help me out it’d be much appreciated!  The only remotely appropriate design I found was a Devilman, 1/6 scale (18″ tall).  The Avatar is pretty boss, but he’s not bigger than a warlord titan.

Everything else was . . . well . . . type “resin model anime” into Google image search and see what happens.  Even with the safe search on moderate I felt like a predator.  I think the second or third picture was a naked pregnant girl.  The rest seemed to be Rei and/or Asuka from Evangelion in provocative poses, or school girls in underwear with massive guns or axes. All beautifully sculpted and masterfully painted, which kind of made it even worse.

Hence the title of this post.  I just wanted a sweet-looking, unique Eldar Avatar.

Why Japan? Why do you use your powers for evil?

5 responses to “Japan Makes Me Cry

  • Cameron Krueger

    LOLs. I completely understand your plight I too, am a huge fan of gunmm. I once quested for a garage kit of Den in either forms. But alas the to catch a predator feeling came upon me when i hit search, just keep trying and hopefully you’ll find someone with a small site and an online store.

  • James S

    Yeah, I guess I’ll just keep trying, thanks @Cameron Krueger.

    A garage kit of centaur Den would look amazing. I wonder if they made any more Alita/Gally kits? The one I had that’s pictured above looks like it was made for the anime release.

  • Searchin'

    “If anyone reading this is into anime kits and can help me out it’d be much appreciated! The only remotely appropriate design I found was a Devilman, 1/6 scale (18″ tall). ”

    Not to side-track you, but if you found the Devilman kit I think you did (and if it’s still available), you’re going to suddenly have a bit of pocket money for GW finecast happiness! Did the Devilman kit look like this, perhaps? (link is perfectly safe for work, school, and family)


    If it did, please get in touch with me either through a follow-up comment or via e-mail!

    • James S

      @Searchin’, sorry but it wasn’t that one. It was one where he was standing with his arms by his sides. That one is pretty amazing though.

      • Searchin'

        Ah well… I do appreciated the reply to such an ancient post. If you’re looking for a “shirtless anime guy in tight pants.” have you considered any of the Fewture “action figure” line? The Ryo Asuka figure seems like he’s practically tailor made for being an Eldar avatar. The figure is even available in a spectacular glow in the dark version!


        They’re readily available on eBay at incredibly low prices…. Far more than I suspect you’ve already mentally prepared yourself to spend on a garage kit.

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