ANUCON 2011 Results and Pics

Someone noticed the freehand on my Banewolf! I'm pretty proud of it but people usually don't see it because the colours are a bit subtle.

The full results are out from ANUCon 2011, along with some pictures people took at the event.  It turned out there were only 26 players, and I came in at a horrible 17th place overall!  I did get 29 out of 30 for sports, and 18 out of 20 for comp, but at a measly 15 out of a possible 50 battle points I won’t be moving up too many ranks from this one!  Painting was a requirement, and there was a Best Army prize based on judge’s decison, but it didn’t affect a player’s overall score.

I had a lot of fun and I think so did everyone else.  There’s been no negative feedback at all on the host club’s feedback forum thread, which as you all know is pretty amazing for the internet.

In case you’re interested all the pics can be seen here, but I’ve posted a few below of armies I particularly liked, plus some of my army, including my Death Riders (before they got broken).

I don’t actually have a full shot of my own army all ranked up – it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but until then these will have to do.  Thanks to all the photographers by the way – it’s a real kick to see someone liked your army enough to stop and take a photo.

French Imperial Guard, made with what look to me like Victrix Napoleonics.

My Death Riders advance on some hapless enemies

A nice shot of my Company Command and Death Riders.

Ork trukks made from Dark Eldar raiders and deffkopta bits.

Luke Jensen's Nurgle Daemons. These guys won the TO's Best Army award, and ate my guardsmen for lunch. That's my coffee on the table there. I was almost late for the game because I had to walk 10 minutes each way for that bloody coffee.

Squat Deathwing!

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