Iybraesil Farseer

Well, I finished my Farseer, and I have to say I’m really stoked at how well she came out.  I want my Iybraesil Eldar to look a bit different to most Eldar armies – more weathered and ancient-looking.  I also wanted to get across the organic nature of Eldar technology.  I think I managed it.

I also wanted to make the Farseer herself look eldritch and freaky, so I used bold and less realistic colours in places.  I was going to paint bloody runes on her body but the blood-smeared hair and the scar on her leg came out so nicely that I decided not to push my luck!  Sometimes I reckon you just have to abandon your plan if it no longer seems right.

I tried to mask the canopy with vegemite so I could do the freehand, but because I was using a lot of washes the vegemite just melted and uh . . . ended up being incorporated into the weathering.  I really wanted the wraithbone to look like ancient, pitted bone.  Basically it took a million washes in tan, brown and blue, and then at the end I dabbed little drops of very watery brown paint and blew on them so they ran backwards from the nose.











The last thing I did was grab a rough grade sand paper and just scrape it over the finished canopy.  It was a bit nerve-wracking scraping sandpaper over something you just spent three hours painting but it was worth it I think.

You might also notice that the photos are a lot better than usual.  That’s because I didn’t take them!  They’re by Rhebeka Stangret.

5 responses to “Iybraesil Farseer

  • Blackmane

    I think your Farseer looks fantastic. I deffinately think you’ve achieved the look you said you were going for. I really like the effect you’ve achieved by rubbing the canopy down with sandpaper. Keep up the good work.

  • James S

    Thank you, sir. I’m doing a wraithlord next.

  • Thor

    Well done. That weathering is top-notch. I don’t think most people realize that more work goes into effective weathering than a clean paint job.

  • James S

    Thanks! Yeah I think weathering can be good or bad. Sometimes people do it badly to cover up sloppy work, but when you take a serious approach to it it looks awesome.

    Sometimes I want to do a clean paint job, but I just can’t. I always have to mess it up a little 😀

  • Thor

    I hear ya. We all develop a style and it’s hard to deviate from, especially when you like the style you’ve developed.

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