Really Old Minis

A little while ago Dave G at Wargaming Tradecraft had a post where people showcased their old models so others could see how their style had grown.  I thought it was a really cool idea but I didn’t have any old models around at the time.

Four of the old guys. They're a bit dusty and chipped. The models seem to go for character more than aesthetics, unlike modern models.

Well my parents moved house a while back, and they gave me a big plastic tub of me and my brother’s old stuff.  There were quite a few old minis in there from my Rogue Trader days.  I’ve always been lucky enough to have a feel for art, and I enjoyed painting the most out of all aspects of the hobby.  I tended to collect whatever I thought looked cool without bothering about army lists at all.

So here are some of my childhood paintjobs on classic Citadel miniatures.  I was anywhere from 11 to 14 years of age when I painted these guys.

First up, a Whitescar terminator.  I had a few Whitescars . . . and Salamanders . . . and Blood Angels . . . and Space Wolves . . . and Dark Angels. If I put them all together I’d have had a mighty force of about thirty marines.

I painted this guy with enamels, and the only white I had was gloss. Being a kid, I didn't care and just went ahead and painted him glossy.

This is a great model and might even stand up today, maybe as an Inquisitor. I love the skull sheath on his sword and the grenade pack and digital weapons on his power glove (as it was called back then).

I have no idea what chapter he's meant to be - the freehand on his shoulder kind of looks like a lightning bolt.

Pirate Grot.  Enough said.

Such a great sculpt. I had a small force of pirate Gretchin who tagged along with my now-missing Bad Moons.

Last but not least, a Bad Doc, as they used to be called. I seem to have like five of these maniacs, I was really into Ork medicine apparently! This guy is great, although unfortunately he’s missing a hand.  And he’s too weedy to be a modern Painboy.

Looking at these old models, I’m starting to think enamel metallics look better than acrylic ones.  The metal on the scissors and the gold on the Whitescar above seem not to suffer from the lumpiness that is the bane of acrylic metallics.  I only used enamels back when I was a kid because it was what my dad had for his military models and when I first got the GW paints they seemed runny and plasticky and I didn’t like them at all.

Does anyone at all use enamels these days?  I certainly never hear of it.

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