Grown Man Cheats at 40k

Just a quick post today.  I heard about this a little while back from one of my regular opponents but forgot about it instantly (working nights does that to you).

I won’t mention names because it doesn’t matter really, but a couple of months back one of the top 40k players in Australia was caught cheating at a tournament, using loaded dice.  They were dice filled with mercury on one face and required a special way of rolling to take advantage of the loading, so even if another player rolled them it wouldn’t be obvious they were loaded.  According to the info on the Wargamerau forum, this player confessed to using them in other tournaments, as well as friendly games(!).  The other top players are pretty angry, as you can imagine.  They’ve played and hung out with this guy at tournaments for years.

He then went on to enter Golden Daemon under an assumed name with miniatures painted by a commissioned Polish artist.  He won several trophies before the artist recognized his own work and uncovered the deception.  GW is “investigating.”

A few weeks back Bell of Lost Souls reported on match-fixing to get into ‘Ard Boyz.  The thing that struck me about this was that the response of one of the cheaters when he was confronted was “that’s ‘Ard Boyz bro.”

Competitive players like to distance themselves from cheating by making a big deal of the whole competitive-versus-WAAC dichotomy.  But the fact is that the more valuable victory in an event is (and by valuable I don’t just mean prizes – pride and respect are values too), the greater the temptation to cheat will become for people with, shall we say, “undeveloped morals.”

Eventually you get to the level of respect and prize-money in professional sports, and then even people with strong morals and a good attitude will be tempted and may falter.

I’m not saying a competitive attitude to gaming leads automatically to cheating.  But you can’t have one without the other.

In conclusion though, a grown man habitually cheating at Warhammer? Seriously, that’s pathetic.  At least have the ambition and balls to cheat at something important.

6 responses to “Grown Man Cheats at 40k

  • Von

    “The thing that struck me about this was that the response of one of the cheaters when he was confronted was “that’s ‘Ard Boyz bro.””

    … he… wait… what?

  • Capn Stoogey

    The ard boyz thing I can kind of understand. Everyone knows that it’s a cut throat, no holds barred smash in the face kinda tourney, all about the win. Plus they didn’t actually “cheat” did they? It was more stacking the games to get someone invited.
    The other dude however is a shmuck. Loaded Dice and getting someone else to paint your GD entry is straight up bollocks. Bad enough at a competition event, but a friendly game? Douchenozzle.

  • Thor

    Cheating is an interesting thing. Some people are so driven to win that they’ll cheat but the interesting part is that they actually think they’re good because of those wins, mentally omitting to themselves that they didn’t win fairly or simply not caring. To them the value of a player is in the win/loss ratio and how it’s achieved becomes irrelevant. I feel it’s just as much an addiction as it is poor moral judgement. Getting the win is like getting their fix, you do what you have to in order to achieve that end result.

  • sinsynn

    What kind of world do we live in where people cheat at Tabletop games?
    Grown men, even?
    I’m a pretty nice guy, I swear….but I’m from the Bronx, NYC.
    I this jerk pulled that on me, or any of my friends, we mighta hadta have a lil’ ‘chat’ with him in the parking lot.
    Jeez…whatta friggin’ loser…
    It makes me really sad, and really angry at the same time.

  • Frontline Gamer


    … let catch my breath…


    I love the fact that people take toy soldiers so seriously that they’d stoop to these levels. It’s fricking toy soldiers people. As for te Ard Boyz thing, everyone does it and those that deny they do it are probably fibbing.

    Loaded dice, well I have to say I admire their tenacity for attempting such an elaborate con, but honestly why bother. You’re only cheating yourself surely? I’ve never got cheating at games with toy soldiers, I always like knowing my victory is down to me, and my dice faeries. Just so very, very sad… as in you sad git.

    Any who as for cheating at Golden Daemon entries, lets be blunt here, it has happened many times before, and it’ll happen many times again. They always get caught out as well, so I never really get why people would do it. Just seems so blindingly stupid. It’s not like it’s a big enough community to get away with it, and I mean come on, it’s fricking Golden Daemon you mongaloid!!! Pathetic.

  • James S

    @Von and Capn Stoogey, I see where you’re both coming from. The ‘ard boyz thing disappointed me but didn’t really surprise me. It’s obviously outside the spirit of the event, but at the same time . . . it seems like exactly the sort of tactic a group of mates would pull in an online game to up their ranking. That’s what you get if you tell a bunch of young men an event is designed to let them be as “hard-core” as they want. It’s a slippery slope.

    @Thor, yeah, it’s not like this guy was a bad player in the first place. He didn’t really need to cheat I think. Something’s wrong there for sure.

    @SinSynn, I imagine he hasn’t had a very pleasant time since this was revealed. Like I said he was a top table player, a prominent member of a large club and the online forum community in Oz.

    @Frontline Gamer, it just goes to show you the internet knows all. In the GD case he probably thought no-one would notice because the event was in Oz and the artist was Polish, but as we can see, top mini painters are a small community across the globe and shenanigans like this are always uncovered, like you said.

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