Adesha – Iybraesil Eldar Wraithlord


The Wraithlord towered above the Eldar warriors as they scanned the abandoned settlement.  Even ancient Balora the Farseer had been born on Iybraesil and did not remember the primaeval, vibrant worlds of her people that had been destroyed in the Fall.  These Crone worlds were all that remained of that unknown past.  

The embodied hero who loomed against the chaotic sky was another matter entirely.  Her wraithbone body creaked softly in the eerie silence.  Adesha remembered, had wept in horror and psychic shock as the fledgling craftworlders saw the birth of She Who Thirsts from space.  She had fought as one of the Goddess’s warriors for countless ages, had led her people in war, and now had been summoned again.  The ancient wraithbone body had been grown for her a long time ago.  A receptacle for her shade, drawn from Iybraesil’s Infinity circuit.  She could feel the hot blood of the infinity rune painted on the face of her helm.  It was one of the only things she could feel.

The ghost in the machine concentrated, drawing the strands of herself from within the lattice of the wraithbone core to form a point of awareness.  Adesha would speak.

*Do you sense enemies yet, Farseer?  My thoughts grow thin.  If I am not needed I would return to the Goddess.*  Communication was a burden.  Combat was not.

Balora cocked her head as the papery voice of the revenant hero entered her mind.  The Wraithlord sounded flat, as one would imagine the dead would sound.

*Soon, Adesha.*  She returned silently.  *Soon the enemy will come.*


This is Adesha, the first of two Wraithlords I have planned for my Iybraesil Eldar warhost.  She’s armed for anti-tank as there’s no other anti-tank capability in my 500 point army, and I thought it would probably still be a good configuration later.

I’ve wanted a Wraithlord model for years and I finally got one.  It’s more difficult to make it dynamically posed than I expected.  I thought the arms and legs would be in two parts each but they’re only one, so the poses straight out of the box are a bit on the Frankenstein side.  I looked at a bunch of anime mecha pictures to get a good sense of how an elegant humanoid machine should look, and then I added the scythe from the Empire Wizard kit to the shoulder and it really balanced the pose.  I’ve been trying to use that piece for ages!

The painting was fun.  Again, I went for an organic, aged look, and if you’ve ever seen old chipped animal skulls (I grew up in the country) then you’ll agree it turned out pretty well.

Overall they’re a great-looking model.  It looks sort of spidery and almost Tyranid-like I think, but also like a mecha, which is cool.

Next up I’m painting my Domaru Butai for Infinity.  Should be fun.  You gotta love a cyberpunk samurai.

11 responses to “Adesha – Iybraesil Eldar Wraithlord

  • Frontline Gamer

    That’s really cool… but I dare you to call the next one Derek!!! 😛 Nice weathering as well, it looks like an ancient machine that’s seen a few too many battles.

  • Thor

    As with your other models, great weathering. I really like the gritty feel of this model.

  • sinsynn

    Awesome lil’ story…even awesomer model.
    That is one dangerous looking Wraithlord!

  • James S

    @Frontline Gamer, well if you DARE me to, I guess I have to. Be prepared . . .

    @Thor and @sinsynn thanks, appreciate the kind words. I used to write these little stories when I posted up pics of models, but then I sort of . . . forgot for a while.

  • Kyle

    Out of curiosity (and so I can pilfer it :P), how did you produce the bone effect? Or for that matter, the mottle blue effect.

  • James S

    @Kyle, hi, I’ll do my best to remember!

    Most of the work was done at the preparation stage.

    For the bone: After assembly I chipped and scraped the carapace with a knife and the tip of a file. When I undercoated the model I did it in three stages: a grey primer all over, then a blast of white undercoat applied from directly above (to highlight the raised bits), then a thin all-over wash of dark blue (almost black) mixed with a drop of windex to break the surface tension.

    I then painted the bone in layers of thinned paint. First a bone colour, then when that dried a wash of thin dark blue in the recesses and chips only, then when that dried a wash of brown ink. Then I thinned some more bone and mixed it with white and painted it on the edges and raised areas. Finally I washed it all again with thinned brown ink.

    The mottling on the blue was easy – it was created by the spray pattern of the white undercoat over the grey undercoat. I painted the blue in a really thinned-down layer, being careful not to block out the undercoated highlights, and washed it with thinned black ink in the recesses. I then washed the whole thing with thinned brown ink.

    Basically I did the whole thing like a watercolour painting, not an oil or acrylic painting. Nothing was solid colour except the rose and blood rune.

    I’m pretty sure that’s it, hope that helps, and pilfer away!

  • Kyle

    Thank you kindly, I’ll have to try that out. At the moment, I did the Iybraesil scheme on a Wraithguard, but it’s looking a little too… clean for my tastes.

    I likes my 40k grimdark.

  • Capn Stoogey

    She looks awesome dude! I know this will sound weird but bases are one of my favorite parts of a mini. I love the way they can tell so much of the story behind the mini itself, and this base is gorgeous, it looks real! Wicked stuff, looking forward to clashing blades!

  • James S

    Thanks dude, I was going to put more bling on the base initially, but the Wraithlord base is a really nice piece in itself. I’m pretty stoked with how it came out.

  • Shane

    Wow man! I love this! Would you ever consider making a tutorial video on this using your techniques! I’d love to see them in action as its hard to understand from just writing and you have a unique and awesome style!

  • Shane

    Wow man! I love this! Would you ever consider making a tutorial video on this using your techniques! I’d love to see them in action as its hard to understand from just writing and you have a unique and awesome style!!

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