WTF Gaming?

I normally try to limit myself to a post a week, but I had to share this.  Back in the heady days of the early 2000’s, I worked at the Australian War Memorial, a government run military museum, as an archive assistant.  It’s actually a great museum, one of the most awarded in the world.  My job was boring as hell though (apart from the day I found a Christmas card from Hitler taken from a dead German officer in one of the sorting boxes).

I was in my early 20’s and I spent much of my working day on the internet.  I may have been disciplined for excessive net usage on a couple of occasions . . .

Anyway in keeping with my two great gaming loves, 40k and D&D, I used to post constantly on Librarium Online (as robotnik) and the Paizo/Dragon magazine forum (as kahoolin).  I also used to read Something Awful constantly.

The other day I went and checked Something Awful after having forgotten about it for maybe three or four years.  I found a series of articles called WTF D&D?  The basic premise of these is Steve, an upbeat gamer who loves all things fantasy and sci-fi, and Zack, a guy who gamed as a kid but is now a hip, regular twenty/thirty-something, go back over old gaming manuals and riff on the concepts and artwork.

It is, if I may be so bold, fucking hilarious.  The best part is there are quite a few of them so there’s a good few hours of gaming humour there.  Here are a few you might particularly enjoy to get you started off:

Ah, gaming – if we can’t laugh at ourselves and the things we do, what have we got?

7 responses to “WTF Gaming?

  • Von

    I love WTF, D&D. It’s a refreshing little palate-cleanser if you’re into the old-school blogs, which tend to have a somewhat less than critical attitude to the art styles of yesteryear.

    Their playthroughs are hilarious, too. I keep wanting to play Yngwulf Maimsteen, Bard of Shredded Metal…

  • James S

    I was wondering if people had seen WTF D&D before – I thought it was strange no-one ever mentioned them.

    I linked the Vampire one just for you actually Von 😉

    I love the way they get bewildered by Kevin Sembieda’s crazy Palladium stuff

  • Gotthammer

    Big fan of WTF D&D too. Something Awful’s been pretty good lately – less trolling and more thought out humour. Their relatively recent forays into reviews and such have been quite good.

    That Insidious Beast was some pretty crazy sci-fi too -

  • sinsynn

    Holy crap Rogue Trader was so silly!
    Had a good laff over this, perfect coffee reading this morning.

  • James S

    @Gotthammer, ha ha thanks heaps for posting that chaos birdhouse link, I read that a couple of years ago and had totally forgotten!

  • James S

    @sinsynn, no worries, there’s some weird stuff in RT for sure. I love the last bit:

    Steve: I’m glad they got rid of all this stuff. I prefer the completely skull-based horror of current Warhammer.

    Zack: They streamlined it down to what was important. Melty mutants and hairless ape men and graviton guns were just weighing things down. All you really need are skulls.

    Steve: And churches.

    Zack: And axes.

    Steve: And spikes everywhere.

    Zack: And morbid, melodramatic names like Bloodhammer Skullkrieg.

    Steve: Holy crap! Warhammer 40,000 is now a black metal band.

    Zack: They prefer to call it “The Hobby.”


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