Signal Weakens

Hey everyone, I thought it was only fair to let my friends and any other readers know that Warp Signal will be dramatically scaling back on content for a while.  It’s the end of the year and I’m really busy with my philosophy work, plus my lovely girlfriend and I are expecting our first child in January (only a decade or so until we can make them play D&D with us!)

Seriously though I really enjoy the community of bloggers we have going here and I know I haven’t been as responsive to your comments (nor as annoyingly ever-present on your blogs!) of late, so I just thought I’d let you all know why that is.  I normally aim for a post a week, but from now on I’ll only post when I feel like it and when I have the time.

I’ll still be posting things – I’m not going to let the blog die – I just won’t be posting weekly.  And I haven’t forgotten about the promised next installments of Papers on Gaming and Unseen Influences, or the article I promised Porky about RTS’s and Tabletop Wargames.

So thanks for reading, have fun, and enjoy my next post, which will be a hilarious rage-fueled tirade about Street Fighter.  You guys like Street Fighter right?  No?

Just me?



6 responses to “Signal Weakens

  • sinsynn

    Well, I’m a Marvel vs. Capcom guy myself, but SF is ok.

    Congrats on the new addition!
    Fortunately they can hold a controller by the time they’re two, so you can ‘Hadduken’ all over his/her lil’ butt.
    D & D will hafta wait, though….

    Good luck and God Speed, brother James!

  • James S

    Cheers mate! Hey, what are you doing awake? Shouldn’t you be sealed in your jelly-like xenos hibernation sac by now?

  • Thor

    How dare life get in the way of blogging! 😉

  • James S

    Yeah it happens unfortunately!

  • Porky

    Congratuations from me too. Scaling back is sad, but the happiness is bigger. I’d forgotten about those posts so I wouldn’t hold you to them, and wouldn’t have anyway of course, as good as they’d read. That said, if you do write them up, I’ll be happy and probably not be the only one. Posting when you feel like it is a good approach too. We’ll just keep our fingers / tentacles / appropriate dextrous extremities crossed that it’s often.

  • James S

    Thanks Porky. I don’t often say I’ll write particular posts (it’s a dangerous path!) so when I do, I remember them and they niggle at the back of my mind.

    And yeah, it’s too bad that I’m getting less time to think about gaming and do hobby stuff, but for some strange reason I just don’t care all that much 😀

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