I Am One!

It’s a year ago today since my first post on Warp Signal.  I knew it was coming up when I saw Thor’s reminder of the approaching Old Stuff Day.  I think I’d been going for a week or two and had one or two posts last Old Stuff Day.

Gaming has been a lot of fun this year.  I’ve nearly finished a campaign; played in a couple of 40k tournaments; started a new army; started a new game and played a few video games.  There’s been some drama too: I’ve weathered the death and rebirth of my beloved Witch Hunters and seen Games Workshop openly exploit their loyal Australian customers.

Blogging has been great fun and I haven’t regretted it for a moment.  I’ve had some great conversations in the comments section that are a cut above most forums I’ve been to and, dare I say it, even most other blogs.  I have met some smart and friendly people online who I think I can now call my friends.

So Thor, Von, Frontline Gamer, Sinsynn and David Stillberg  – I feel like if I was ever in the neighbourhood I could hit any of you up for a game and/or a beer.  I hope you feel the same.  And Capn Stoogey: you are in the neighbourhood, so it’s all good!

Thanks to all you other readers and commentators.  I genuinely appreciate it.  Blogging is hard (if you plan on doing a decent job), so I’d like to urge you all to click on one of the blogs in my blogroll off to the right and have a look – maybe one you’ve never visited, or haven’t checked out for a while.

Here’s to another year!  I may ebb and flow a little but rest assured I’m not going anywhere yet.

Oh yeah, here are my stats for the past year according to WordPress:

  • Warp Signal got 36,463 page views in the last year.  I’m impressed.
  • My most popular post was Codex: Sisters of Battle 2011, with 3,005 views.
  • I have 27 followers (pretty good for a blog without the Google Followers thingy), 90 posts (that’s nearly two a week!) and 450 comments (average 5 per post).
  • The top search terms people used to find me were “haunted forest” (1,589 referrals) and “scary forest” (1,096), with “warhammer” (648) a distant third.  Yes . . . well.  That’s a bit disheartening.  Maybe I should change my tag line to “Warp Signal – come for the creepy foliage, stay for the wargaming!”

10 responses to “I Am One!

  • Cap'n Stoogey

    Happy birthday dude, here’s to many more!

  • Frontline Gamer

    Congrats James. Of course you can pop round mine if you find yourself in my neck of the woods. I must give you fair warning though, I’m likely to pimp you many news games if you do. It’s an affliction I suffer with.

    My Blog is still a few months away from being a year old. I’m hoping I can continue to pump out rubbish at the rate I am so I can pass through the one year old barrier myself. Glad to see you have no intention of stopping either my friend.

  • Thor


    That’s definitely an impressive amount of views in a year, especially considering you’re not posting daily. It just means you put up quality content that people are interested in.

    Oh, and feel free to stop by for a beer. There’s always some in the fridge.

  • Frontline Gamer

    Just for you:

    sorry I’m a bit of a Pumpkins fan.

  • iggykoopa30

    Congrats! I recently turned 1 as well! You’re right, blogging is a lotta fun but it does require some work. Keep it all up, I enjoy reading about your gaming adventures. Make sure to hit me up every now and then! Grats again!

  • Porky

    Many happy returns to the blog and congratulations to you! It’s not surprising it’s so popular, and you’re both so deeply embedded in these parts now I almost can’t believe it’s only a year.

  • David Stillberg

    Keep up the good work, mate! You’ve long surpassed me in number and quality of intelligent posts 😛

  • sinsynn

    I will certainly raise a glass of…something this weekend and toast you, brother!

    Go on with yer bad self, and happy burfday!

  • Von

    Many happy returns, hoot hoot and all that!

    You know, your shout-outs list sounds like an awesome D&D group in the making…

  • James S

    Thanks for your support and good wishes everyone!

    @Frontline Gamer, cheers, I do like the pumpkins, being a 90’s lad.

    @Von, that’s not such a crazy idea, on the Paizo forum we used to do casual play-by-posts. You just write your flavour text, and your in-game action/dice results in a different colour. It also had the advantage that it was easy to PM the GM for extra deviousness. 😉

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