Zone Mortalis Experimental Rules

Just a quick post to give you all a heads up.  Yesterday Forge World sent me an email with some experimental 40k rules called Zone Mortalis, which as far as I can tell is GW fake latin for “fighting each other in cramped spaces.”

I can’t believe I’m breaking this before some guy at BoLS or what-have-you, but I guess that means they don’t care and why should they?  Experimental unofficial rules are kind of beneath the consideration of the mainstream competitive scene.

The rules look brutal and fun, but then again I’m a fan of templates ricocheting back onto the firer and ceilings randomly collapsing on my dudes 😀

Honestly the first thing I thought was “now I can play 40k Space Hulk with Guard!”

2 responses to “Zone Mortalis Experimental Rules

  • Kieran

    “Now I can play 40k Space Hulk with Guard!” That was basically my first thought. This seems to have slipped under the radar somewhat – or maybe it’s this rock that I’ve been living under.

    Much prefer experimental creative rules over tournament blandness any day.

  • James S

    Hi Kieran thanks for commenting. Yeah, me too. Tournaments tend to be less creative in my experience. They have to be I guess – people bitch and moan too much if things aren’t transparently fair and by the book.

    And it is a bit weird, I haven’t seen any real discussion of these rules around. Usually 40k news blogs over-analyze every tiny release instantly (or before it even comes out).

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