Stupid Graffiti Paint

. . . it shot out really fast and was super thick, so now my goblins that I spent weeks slowly cleaning and basing in spare moments look like a three-year old dipped them in blue sludge.  Oh and I got it all over the cement on my new courtyard and all over the keys on my laptop.

I’m pretty annoyed, I planned this really carefully and it was supposed to be a triumphant display of ingenuity and new materials.  Oh well, back to the drawing board I suppose. The thing about deviating from the way things are normally done and taking risks is that sometimes you crash and burn.

Looking forward to the tournament on Sunday though.  We’ve managed to play a few practice games and it’s got me excited for 40k.  I’ll report back how it went in the next post.

6 responses to “Stupid Graffiti Paint

  • Thor

    Damn that sucks.

    Good luck on Sunday!

  • James S

    Thanks! Yeah, it did suck. Now I’ve cooled down a bit I realized it’s my own fault, I should have tested on one guy first instead of getting excited and spraying them all at once 😦

    The graffiti paint has a really nice finish, it’s just that it is really high pressure and has a wider nozzle than any spray I’ve used before. I think if I use the detail nozzle the guy at the shop gave me it should be OK. He said it makes the paint come out slower and thinner. I’ll try it for the highlight. At worst I’ve lost 20 Night Goblins, they’re pretty cheap on eBay.

    Anyway, the whole point of the project is to make a quick army that looks awesome from three feet away, and you can’t see the bubbles and lumps from that distance 😉

  • coalmoore

    Hi. I’m new to your blog. It was the your Eldar post that got me reading. Your saved on my bookmarks. Spraying miniatures can be a bitch at the best of times with new cans. Look forward to many more posts… Anymore updates with your Eldar?

  • James S

    Hi coalmoore, welcome and thanks for commenting! I haven’t done any work on my Eldar for a couple of months as real life has got in the way, but I have a couple of projects brewing. I have a plan for an Avatar I’ll be starting soon. So if you stay tuned it shouldn’t be too long (I hope).

    • coalmoore

      Awesome. Just getting around to do a small Eldar army myself… Well that and undead zombie imperial guard… I like the colour scheme and style you’ve gone with your Eldar. Anyway, thanks.

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