The Nostalgia Project

OK so this is not about gaming, again.  I know, I’m getting into bad habits . . . more hobby soon.

I have this budgeting trick I do where every week I transfer $20 into an account, and when I have enough I buy something that I (or my girlfriend) wants but that we couldn’t normally justify buying in one go.  It works really well – in the past we have used it to buy the complete DVD collections of Buffy and Angel, a pair of high quality work shoes that should last for several years, and an Epson scanner.  It’s amazing how quickly 20 bucks a week adds up.

Anyway because I’ve been so busy with work and baby I now have about $200, growing every week, and no particular project to spend it on.  I’ve decided to buy something nostalgic to me that I’ve always wished I had but that is not easily available any more.  Here are the choices I’ve narrowed it down to, but it’s a tough one.  Maybe some readers can cheer me on in a certain direction?

The X-Files
There’s no denying this was a great show, and it would look awesome next to our Buffy, Angel, Star Wars and Indiana Jones collections.  I was a teenager in the 90s and this was, obviously, one of my favourite shows.  One of my lifelong (i.e. since childhood) interests is the paranormal and the unexplained, something I don’t think I’ve mentioned before.  The only reason I don’t own X-Files already is because it costs a fricken king’s ransom for no apparent reason I can fathom, and never goes on special, unlike other old series.


A bunch of Elves.

Ah, Elfquest.  Wendy and Richard Pini’s epic fairytale romance of a tribe of wolf-riding Elves trying to find a home.  I first bought an Elfquest comic when I was about 10, about the time I started playing D&D, and I loved them.  I think it’s a real pity that they are out of print, but that’s the cruel reality of our culture’s obsession with nostalgia: sometimes deserving works just slip through the cracks and are forgotten.  A few years ago I made an aborted attempt to buy the little DC black and white trades, as they were the only ones around, but they went out of print when I was up to number three.  The colour originals from my childhood are long gone.  Should I spend time and money tracking down Elfquest?  If I don’t do it soon chances are I’ll never be able to.  Then again I am now a man in his thirties and Elfquest is, quite frankly, a little bit girly.

Battle Angel Alita manga
So you all know I love this one.  I don’t have all the manga, and the ones I do have are mis-matched editions (don’t you hate that?)  I could use the money to get a shiny matching complete collection.  On the plus side, the whole Japanese aesthetic is pretty popular right now in the english speaking world just case you haven’t noticed, so stuff like this is unlikely to just disappear overnight.  This makes me hesitate, even though I definitely want to own them all one day.  I just hope I don’t hesitate too long.

Knights of the Dinner Table
OK so this is, in my opinion, the funniest comic about RP gaming ever.  It may not be as epic and intense as Order of the Stick, but it is just such a spot on representation of an old school D&D group it can’t really be faulted.  I always marvel at how J.R. Blackburn manages to make a few people sitting around a table funny.  Great dialogue I guess.  So anyway, I have a few of the Bundles of Trouble (the trades) and I want them ALL muahhahha!  The reason I don’t have them already is two-fold:

  1. They are very old-school now (although still running) and most comic shops, FLGSs, and even online stores only carry a few odd ones.  Which is why I have nos. 13, 14, 15 and 1, and
  2. Kenzer, the company that makes them, is locked in some devillish pact with an evil US shipping giant, and charges postage according to the monetary value of your order, not the weight or size.  So every issue I add to my cart grows exponentially in cost, its ridiculous.  I may be a fan, but I’m not a brain-dead masochist.

If I use the money on KoDT I’ll just get as many as I can with the money from an Australian online store, which is more than enough to sate me for a while.

Click on the image to read one of the better known classic KoDT strips, the Lair of the Gazebo.

So there you go.  So much nostalgia, only one wad of dough!  What should I do?

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