Oz Comic Con and my thoughts on 6th Edition 40k Allies

Taking the family to Melbourne this weekend to go to Oz Comic Con!  I’m a bit nervous actually, it’s the first long trip with our baby, so yeah, let’s see how he likes an hour in the car followed by eight hours on a train. One of the challenges of living in Australia is that to get pretty much anywhere besides where you already are involves at least a day of travel.  Doesn’t stop us though.

I’ve never been to a big con like this that wasn’t gaming related, so it’ll be interesting.  I’m curious to see Patrick Stewart in real life I have to say.  Every time I see him though I imagine him crouched in Ricky Gervais’s trailer saying “and then all her clothes fall off.”

So I’d better say something about games too – it’s kind of in the tag-line of the blog after all.  I used my 20% off for Australians (and other GW outcasts) voucher from Maelstrom to order an Infinity rulebook.  That deal was pretty genius of them I have to say, I haven’t bought any gaming stuff for ages bar a copy of Samurai Shodown Sen for the X-Box which I still haven’t played.  Oh and I scored an ancient (well, 1981) copy of the AD&D Player’s Handbook from a second hand bookshop the other day.  Hooray for arbitrarily capped strength scores for everyone but Human Males!

But that Maelstrom voucher actually got me to blow the dust off my wallet and fork out.  I’ve been keen to finally read the background for Infinity so it was an opportunity, and I took it.

Brian from A Gentleman’s Ones kindly sent me the Killzone rules so I could play some 40k without turning into this guy:

What? It’s only turn two?

But it turns out I’m pretty excited for 6th edition now after all.  It was the allies that sold me.  Yeah, I realize people are concerned about balance but you know what?  No game is ever balanced, and I think the best possible thing you can do to balance a vast mess of a game like 40k is just make it into a huge free for all.  This is why I am stoked about the allies:

  • Too much poential synergy.  No-one could possibly absorb and analyze all the variables now.  Take that meta-jerks.
  • No more being unable to legally represent background-consisent forces like an Inquisitor and some inducted guardsmen, or Blood Axe Orks fighting with the Eldar.
  • If you’ve always had your imagination captured by the idea of Tau or Orks or Eldar or whatever fighting alongside other factions now you can do it.  Options, not limits, that’s what we should have, and that’s what’s been given us.

Official allies rules are what I have always wanted from 40k.  The army system as it was just seemed so creatively limited, and now I can buy whatever the hell models I like (except tyranids *cough* but who cares about them, right?) and come at people’s faces with bizarre circus freak armies.  Like, er, Chaos Tau, or re-programmed Necrons.  Just like Apocalypse, but I can do it in as small a game as I can fit ’em!

Anyway that’s it for now.  Got to go and pack for the train.  Have a good one everyone.

10 responses to “Oz Comic Con and my thoughts on 6th Edition 40k Allies

  • capnstoogey

    Reecius from frontline gaming wrote a sweet little article on Bols about why allies are gonna be awesome, basically saying (like you) they are great for fluff reasons, but also they will be excellent levellers, giving an army the thing it lacks in the form of an allied detachment. You should have a read. I’m so damn stoked for 6th, I can’t wait to get my hands on the book and see what changes they’ve made and how the story has developed, exciting times indeed! Have fun at comicon, travel safe 🙂

  • sinsynn

    Who cares about Tyranids?

    Regarding the allies rules, guys like Stelek will quickly produce broken lists and start publishing them.
    The game will get harder for fluffy types, since competitive types don’t give a damn about fluff, they’ll quickly gravitate to the most OP combos they can legally field, and most of them will probably involve Space Marines of one color or another.

    • James S

      Hi sinsynn, yeah I have no doubt that guys like Stelek will come out with killer lists. Doesn’t bother me though as:

      1. Fluff types have no business playing against guys like Stelek anyway. They’d probably get a stomping no matter what the edition.
      2. There will be so many more options to counter broken lists with, and too many combinations of allies and strategies to be predicted. If it still ends up with 80% of people at tournaments running the same gear I’ll be very disappointed in the community.

      More disappointed than I am now that is. So much creative potential … so many Grey Knights 😦

  • blackmane91

    I have to say I’ve become quite excited for 6th ed in the past past week. Like you I’m looking forward to the allies rules as it will allow me to field my space wolves and imperial guard armies together as I always wanted.


    Options, not limits … interesting. Quite a 180 by GW then who bases most of their games on limits.

    • James S

      @BIG RICH, yeah, in recent years they’ve really tightened up on the restrictions, which ironically is probably what most serious wargamers really want (even though they may bitch and moan). I doubt we’ll ever see a return to the days of Rogue Trader-esque freedom. The world has changed.

      Added you to my links by the way ——>

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