Rise of the Eldorks!

My son has started sleeping a bit better now so I’m really starting to feel like I can get back into gaming for real.  I’m not ready to take action just yet, but I know soon the time will come when I can paint or build or play for a few hours in a row.

As I wrote back here, I’ve been getting a bit excited for 40k 6th edition, what with the Allies Matrix and the Forging the Narrative and all that.  Hey, even Von’s getting curious.  And he’s not the biggest fan of everybody’s favourite grimdarkness-ness(ness).

I’m also getting really keen on Infinity.  I’ve managed to read the rulebook over the last few days, have some Yu Jing soldiers painted and now I’m planning my next faction.

Today’s post is about 40k though.  I’ve had a proper look at the 40k allies chart now, and naturally, most of the combinations I’d like to try out are illegal or difficult *sigh*

I mean, I know you can do what you want in your own game, but if I did ever want to go to an event with an allied force to show off my mad skills, it would be nice if I had total freedom.  I don’t really get why GW would give us some freedom, but not trust us to be able to imagine our way into an alliance of say, Tyranids and Chaos, but whatever.  It’s their game.  I mean presumably they’ve done it like this for reasons of setting immersion first and foremost.

That said though, I don’t get why Sisters of Battle for example are totally unable to ally with Orks, but can ally with Necrons (who slaughtered an entire outpost of Sisters in their first contact with the Imperium remember), and Eldar (who are all witches).

But I digress.  The main mash-up I wanted to go with was Eldar and Orks (Orkdar?  Screw it, let’s go with Eldorks).  I already have some Eldar and I used to play Orks back in 4th ed and loved them.  So I was lying in bed last night cooking up a complicated and powerful narrative to ret-conn my Iybraesil Eldar into desperate corsairs, forced to shack up with a mercenary warboss and his boyz.  I think Eldorks would be really striking on the table-top, with my ethereal, battle-worn Eldar next to some dark, mega-armoured orks and ard boyz in clanking war machines.

I always really liked this picture.

Then I got up in the morning and actually looked at the bloody Allies chart.

Unfortunately, these guys are Desperate Allies, so my army would be under the constant threat of stalling at vital moments unless I was very careful to keep the greenskins and pointy-heads away from each other, and where’s the fun in that?

So there are other options.  I also wanted to re-create my old Witch Hunters, with a Hereticus Inquisitor seconding a force of Battle Sisters.  Oh wait, I still have to have a unit of Grey Knights?  Who are just hanging with my Witch Hunter?  Errrgh.  I hate them, they’re just so. . . shiny.

At least my Sisters and my Guard can ally again.  Or Tau.  Maybe I could make some Tau and ally them to both my Eldar and my Guard?  That would be the economical decision.  It seems like anyone who wants lots of variety in their allies options will be working with a core force of Guard or Tau.

You know, I think I’ll just do the Eldorks after all.  They’ll look cool, be unusual, and I can be that annoying guy at the tournament who, when you smash me with your Draigowing, I just point at my guys and laugh and say: “well, yeah.  Nice going champ.  I mean, I’m playing Eldorks here.”

5 responses to “Rise of the Eldorks!

  • capnstoogey

    The min squad of GK is 5, for 100 pts. You could use them as an elite bodyguard unit for the inquisitor, or if you really don’t like them you could model them as skitarii (something I’ve been thinking of) and just make it “counts as”. In our funsies games you could just use the inquisitor and give him/her a band of henchmen, sure they’re elites but I think it suits the flavor more. That was one of the few allies I was thinking of for my Ultras, an Ordo Xenos inquisitor with a small Band of retainers, I thought they were troops but I just re-read the book and they’re actually elites 😦
    Don’t worry about the desperate allies ork/Eldar stuff in our games, I think if there’s cool enough reason for it, you should be able to do it!

    • James S

      That’s not a bad idea at all, counts-as.

      Imagination > everything. They could be some weird super-soldier Inquisitorial henchmen, or even cybernetic Celestians or something. Thanks!

      And likewise, I don't care if you count Henchmen as troops in our games. They totally should have made it so any Inquisitor unlocks 1 squad of Henchmen as troops. I choose to believe it was an accidental oversight that only Coteaz does it…

      And re: the desperate allies, may as well play it by the book. Orks are a bit random anyway and you know I like that. If we want to play a more serious game I just won't use them. Not because I think I'll lose if I do, but because it's not as much of a challenge for my opponent if my army is seriously handicapped.

  • David Stillberg

    The ally system is a powerful force. All those possibilities for narrative and creative combos rekindled all my 40k interest again. So yeah, basically I’m just saying I agree with you 🙂

    Oh, and corsair eldar? Go with Dark Eldar – that lets you ally with Orks.

  • David Stillberg

    Uhm … never mind the last bit. Dark Eldar are also desperate allies with Orks.

  • James S

    No-one wants Orks at their party. They break your coffee table and ruin the carpet.

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