Infinity campaign book and new faction

Just a quick post.  The Infinity Campaign book is up for pre-order on the Corvus Belli site.  I know a lot of people have been waiting for ages for this one.  It’s a campaign set  on Paradiso, the world where the Human Sphere is fighting the Combined Army.  I think a cool thing about Infinity campaigns is that troops with cubes (even grunts) can potentially be Resurrected.

There is also a new faction coming soon: the Tohaa.  They are aliens (heh I almost wrote “xenos.”  Too much grimdark for me!) who are – like humanity – resisting the EI.  Now I’ll have to update my Setting Review!

So go check it out.

Next week I’ll have some thoughts on 6th ed 40k.  I’ve played half a game already and have another one set for this Sunday.


2 responses to “Infinity campaign book and new faction

  • David Stillberg

    Is this a campaign book as in “persistent warbands gaining experience”? I’ve been longing for a skirmish game with RPG elements since Mordheim went out of style.

    • James S

      It’s a narrative series of missions, with an experience system based on victory points that you spend after each mission. There are also new troops in the book apparently.

      The missions are all set at 300 points, which is where Infinity is balanced at (so, between 10 and 20 models usually). I’m glad to see no evidence of up-sizing the game yet…

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