A Few Modeling Resources

Hey everyone, I thought today I’d give a bit of a heads-up on some useful stuff I’ve discovered.  I do a lot of talking and fancy pontificating hereabouts, and it’s been too long since I actually posted anything of practical value to the community.

Firstly, my mate Capn Stoogey lent me his Forgeworld Imperial Armour Model Masterclass books, and if anyone hasn’t seen them you should check them out.  They remind me of when I was a kid, I used to sit in the local library reading these manuals on historical military model building.  I think those books were as much an influence on me as a painter and modeler as GW was.

These Forgeworld books are full of step-by-step instructions on how to achieve realistic weathering effects.  The first one is particularly good as it was written before FW started making their own weathering products.  This means it gives you practical tips on how to use other companies’ products and even everyday materials, such as – crushing up cheapo artist’s pastels to make weathering powders!

Similarly, when I was in the newsagent the other day I picked up a military modeling magazine.  I normally just kind of ignore these.  The magazines I get are either video-game mags, Fortean Times (to which I’m subscribed) or sometimes White Dwarf if it has, oh, I don’t know, a Sisters of Battle codex in it.

Anyway, the military modeler’s magazine was basically one of those Forgeworld books but for ten bucks!  The main article was a step-by-step weathering of a German tank using the hairspray technique, one of the methods described by Forgeworld.  It even had some useful info that Forgeworld left out, i.e. that hairspray comes in different strengths and you need to use the weakest or you’ll lose your paint down to the plastic.  There was also an article on how to paint a realistic horse.

So if you haven’t tried to weather vehicles yet but want to, or just want to lift your game generally, pick up a military modeling mag.  Seems obvious, but I only just thought of it so there you go!  And get the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass if you want a useful and beautiful book to put in your toilet/on your coffee table/let your kids pore over.

The other thing I wanted to pass on is this excellent list of alternative parts suppliers for converting 40k models at Twitchy Droid Painting.  This blog is a new addition to my roll, but I found this post really useful.  Check it out.

My Perry Miniatures British Hussars arrived, so hopefully this weekend I can make a start on 40k-ing them up into some St. Arkham Lancers.

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