Hey, I’ve actually been painting


There are totally going to be titans in our Apocalypse game it will be awesome. Can’t wait to take some photos. Er… and play the game.

I haven’t been my usual blogging self lately. No opinionated blow-hardiness(?) around here – I’ve actually been doing proper painting. Astonishing, I know.

I’ve been preparing for our up-coming apocalypse game, and I have to say, painting GW-sized units of infantry is wearing pretty thin. I’m starting to think after all these years that hey, maybe I have enough Imperial Guardsmen and Battle Sisters for my purposes. I mean I have more than enough for even the largest casual games, and the variety available to me pretty much covers all the units I actually find interesting. With my time and money being drastically restricted now by an extra family member, a reduced income, and an increasingly demanding workload, I think it’s time to put the brakes on and stop actively collecting. I might pick up the odd vehicle, but to be honest I only want another hell-hound, maybe another russ variant.

Stop collecting 40k that is. I’m thoroughly enjoying painting my half-a-dozen Yu Jung soldiers for Infinity. It’s a real struggle to force myself to paint twelve nearly identical battle sisters to match my other nearly identical battle sisters when in front of me are sitting a ninja with a sniper rifle and four soldiers who, while admittedly all in the same uniform, vary hugely in pose, face, hairstyle and even gender.

Once they’re done and added to my domaru and keisotsu I’ll have a legal 150 point army, which is enough for small games. Contrast that with the twelve battle sisters I have to paint to get oh, about a quarter of the points value of the smallest 40k game anyone would ever agree to play, and you can see why I’m kind of over it.

Don’t get me wrong, 40k is a fun game, I’ve always said so, and it’s not like I’m getting rid of my armies or anything foolish like that. I just think enough is enough, at least in terms of infantry squads.  Multitudinous, mind-numbing infantry squads.

Stay tuned, and I’ll put up pics of my finished Sisters and Yu Jing soon.


6 responses to “Hey, I’ve actually been painting

  • Thor

    Smaller skirmish games like that have their appeal not only in rules but certainly in the hobby element. If I played a game with a handful of models then I know for sure I’d enjoy spending that extra time on each model because I could; there’s no backlog of 40 dudes to get to.

    At the same time, while it can be daunting, I do enjoy the larger scale of 40K. Seeing an entire army, game size pending, of 50+ painted models all setup and ready for a fight is a great sight. Of course, you have to get to that point first 😉

  • James S

    Yep I agree totally. I’m glad I have my armies and I’m proud of what they look like on the table top. I suppose what I’m saying here just relates to something I’ve mentioned a few times before – I think the scale required by GW is pretty demanding.

    I’ve never wanted to be one of those guys who has a whole company of space marines or 10,000 points of Eldar or whatever. I’ve always planned on having enough models to field interesting playable armies at a variety of game sizes, and I think I now have that. After all, there’s no rule that you have to keep collecting forever.

  • Thor

    I’m with you there. My plan is the same with an army. Once it’s ‘done’ then as my interest changes a bit, or some new model I want to paint comes out, then I’ll snag something new but it’s one-offs at that point and that’s easy to deal with.

    There’s something to be said for changing your army/faction/team/whatever and only needing to paint up a few models for it. Not so much with 40K, as you’re well aware.

  • Von

    I’m in very much the same boat. I enjoy setting up a painted army of 28mm-ish dudes, but the thought of painting 50-odd dudes in 28mm-ish scale leaves me cold and dead. The days when I could crack out armies of 200-odd dudes are long, long behind us now – that’s partly why I’m veering toward 10mm or smaller games at the moment.

    It’s a good job my Necrons are mostly done. The Vampire Counts… need a lot of work, but I just can’t be doing with it when I can have a Malifaux crew or Blood Bowl team ready to go in a weekend. Maybe I’ll spend the summer fixing my deadies up. Maybe.

  • Von

    Additional: You may or may not be interested in this, but your post has guilted me into painting up my Bronzeback and making a start on my Razor Worm in time for October’s tournament trip. I wouldn’t normally have bothered…

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