Painted Gui Jia and Japanese soldiers

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Well, as promised, here is my gui jia T.A.G. and some Japanese support troops.  This is a usable Infinity army, but I need a few more models to get to 250 points, which is the Australian standard game size.  I gave a lot of consideration to how I would paint my Infinity models before I started.  I knew I wanted to go for a cleaner style than my Blanchian Battle Sisters and ancient looking, washed-out Eldar.  Infinity is anime-inspired after all.

The four gui jia regiments are named after animals. Mine is from the Tortoise regiment

But I just couldn’t bring myself to go all-out anime style, with . . . interesting colours.  Corvus Belli’s studio models are fantastically painted, and look like they stepped out of an episode of Neon Genesis or a Mass Effect game, but I just can’t take a military vehicle painted bright orange seriously.  I’m sorry.

So I went for naturalistic colours.  I pretty much can’t help using naturalistic colours.  It’s a bit of a failing actually, as people who just give my models a cursory glance often fail to notice the hidden depth I try to get into the paint-job.  Which means it’s essentially wasted effort.  I can see their brains going “oh, soldiers in dark realistic colours, cool I – WOW LOOK OVER THERE AT THOSE BRIGHT YELLOW ELDAR TANKS!”

The characters say “tortoise.” That year of studying Mandarin finally pays off!

Ah well, I paint them in the end to look good to me, and I’m happy with them.  So I can’t complain.  But it would be nice for us naturalistic painters to get a bit of love sometimes.

You can really see the weathering powders on the feet in this shot.

I used military modelling weathering techniques for the first time on the gui jia, as opposed to simply painting mud and paint chips on like I did with my 40k tanks.  I used oil paints, weathering powders, the whole deal.  It was actually really tricky not to overdo it, but I’m very happy with how she turned out (my gui jia pilot is a girl I imagine, since she has a totally cute tortoise painted on her leg armour).

Left to right: keisotsu and kempei, ninja with sniper rifle, gui jia and domaru. I just need a couple more models to make up a 250 point force.

Comments and questions welcome as always…

7 responses to “Painted Gui Jia and Japanese soldiers

  • Kieran

    Beautiful work, I was considering a similar approach with my stuff – glad to see it worked out so well. And love the tortoise 😛

  • James S

    Thanks! It was actually surprisingly hard to find a cute asian tortoise illustration I could steal. At one point I nearly gave up and made it a panda!

  • Frontline Gamer

    Looking good James. I actually met the guys from CB yesterday at the Paradiso book launch at Waylands Games. Really nice guys and the book is so far looking like it’s way more than what I and many Infinity players wanted. Also got my books signed by Carlos and he drew a cool picture in my Paradiso book of a Chandra Spec Op…

    Review hopefully incoming soon.

    • James S

      Hey thanks! Sorry for the late reply, been busy etc.

      Look forward to the review. And that’s cool about the signing. I’m really getting into Infinity, I’ve been listening to podcasts and buying more miniatures than a guy who’s played one game has any business buying…

  • Minitrol

    I often suffer from LOOK GIANT HAZARD STRIPED TANK syndrome so apologies for overlooking your post. I had read it. I even had a comment then the aforementioned hazard stripes appeared. I blame my wife’s ADD I suspect it can be passed along…ahem.

    These are great the little touches the weathering the illustrating elements all tie it together to as a ‘believable’ force.

    Hopefully the busyness becomes more predictable!


    • James S

      @Minitrol ha ha, I forgive you! And thanks for the kind words.

      I’m glad I didn’t go with my original plan of painting my TAG in Chinese urban camo. Then it would have been almost totally invisible 😉

  • Minitrol

    Well this is embarrassing I just noticed a folder called Warpsignal with all these links to this blog and er …ahh …RSS my old friend I had forgotten about that!

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