Liebster Blog Awards – better late than never I suppose…

Frontline Gamer has very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award, which appears to be a feel-good pass-it-on chain thingy for blogs which I am supposed to continue by nominating five blogs I particularly enjoy.  I’m going to do it, because it’s always a nice feeling to be recognized for the work you put in.

I’m truly honoured to be given this recognition by Frontline, given his super-blogger status.  I’m also grateful to Headologist at Do You Have A Flag?, who gave me an honourable mention.  I’m afraid though that if I honourably mention every blog I like that’s already been nominated we’ll be here all day.  So if you have a nomination already then I’m not giving you one, sorry.  Tough luck Porky!

Right, so here are five blogs on my roll that I check regularly, and enjoy reading/ogling.  I think you’ll probably like them too if you like my blog.

I’ve always read Von’s posts, for years(!) now.  GAME OVER has a couple of other (occasional) authors these days and I’m happy to say they are worth reading too.  Some of the things I like about this blog are that Von writes when he feels like it, so there’s no sense of urgency or posting for the sake of posting that you sometimes get with some other blogs.  Every post has been written because the writer actually wanted to write about it.  Another thing I like is the unashamedly intellectual writing style, and the complete disregard for journalistic length limits.  Von doesn’t care if you have a short attention span or can’t digest big words.  He just writes what he writes, conventional blog wisdom be damned.  And I’m very glad for it.

Stockholm Warpaint
This blog is a collective of Swedish painters, one of whom is my blog-friend and Norse gaming twin David Stillberg of Tentakel Games.  There’s good variety, the blog looks nice, and the painting is of a truly astonishing standard.  Besides, what’s the good of the internet if you can’t use it to get a window onto a gaming community at the other end of the earth?  Actually best not to answer that.  Anyway, for some reason I really enjoy imagining those guys in their igloos or whatever painting models.  It makes me feel connected to the history and world-spanning community of GW games.

Yoshi’s Miniature Painting Blogness
Yoshi is one of the hosts of the Aussie Infinity podcast Forward Observer, and is a pretty amazing painter too.  I hear that on the Infinity forums he’s known as ‘The Australian Angel,’ a reference to the apparently superhuman Ángel Giráldez.  It’s good to see Infinity models (or any models) painted by some of the world’s best, plus I thought it would be good to showcase some local talent after I just drew your attention to those Scandinavian guys above…

Tears of Istvaan
This blog is updated not-so-regularly (like GAME OVER and indeed my own these days), but something about Fulgrim’s attitude and aesthetic sense really grabs me.  His conversions are creepy and baroque and imaginative.  Fulgrim seems to me to be more Warhammery than GW, in an odd way.  I almost feel as though he’s absorbed the true soul of old-school Warhammer 40,000, and it lives on inside him, preserved forever.  Which I suppose is fitting given his name.

Creative Twilight
Another blog that doesn’t follow the trends, but which in a way is almost the opposite of GAME OVER.  Thor at Creative Twilight has quietly and unassumingly built a huge back-catalogue of posts about Warhammer 40,000 and gaming life generally.  They are generally short, easy to read and to the point, and stay away from controversy and self-aggrandizement.  Creative Twilight is one of those blogs that you can check every week or so and read two or three quick and interesting posts from a variety of down-to-earth authors without the writer’s personalities bashing you over the head and taking your wallet –  something many other blogs (including mine) are often guilty of.

So there you have it.  Stay tuned for the up-coming breaking of my resolution against non-hobby posts, when I ramble about ratlings…

9 responses to “Liebster Blog Awards – better late than never I suppose…

  • Thor

    First off, congrats. Glad to see you’re still kicking around! Second, thanks for the nomination. You’re dead on with the controversy bit too. If there’s one thing I hate that many bloggers do it’s write about controversial topics for the sake of driving traffic. The exception, and it’s rare indeed, is when an author can legitimately offer a new perspective and be insightful regarding said subject; otherwise it’s just shameless attention grabbing.

    Anyway, you planning on getting back to a more regular blogging routine? I miss reading your articles. Well, reading them more often anyway.

    • James S

      @Thor, no worries. You deserve it. As for the controversy thing, I like talking about controversial topics because they usually interest me, but I try not to be divisive.

      I’d be lying if I said I’m planning on getting back to my once a week schedule, unfortunately. While the kid is now less of a handful, I have a year and a half left of funding on my PhD and am going to be pretty flat out to finish before then. The thing about blogging I find is that the more you do, the more you have to do, replying, checking other blogs, etc. I also have started to really enjoy painting again (when I can), and that takes time away from writing about games!

      I expect there’ll be bursts of weekly posts followed by periods of relative quiet from now on. I do have a few up my sleeve for the next few weeks though, starting later today 🙂

  • Frontline Gamer

    It was a pleasure to nominate you James. I really like your Blog. Not so sure I’m a blogging superstar though, and if I am then I’m not too sure it’s anything to brag about. 😛

    • James S

      lol well you have lots of followers, lots of hits, regular high quality articles, plus companies send you free stuff. That about convinces me!

  • Fulgrim

    Wow – thank you James. I’m really flattered by your nomination: I always greatly enjoy reading your blog so I’m grateful that you see something of worth in mine, and even more that it falls into your five blogs of note. Humbled indeed.

  • Kieran / Headologist

    You’re welcome, although there’s tons of blogs I could have given an honourable mention to, you got one because it’s your fault that I gave blogging a go myself 😛

  • James S

    @Fulgrim, no worries I always like to show people your excellent work.

  • Porky

    I must have missed this first time round. I can live with that luck for sure – every time one of us gets nominated for something like this, we lose a chance to find another intriguing vision, and these are great choices. The comment about Fulgrim absorbing old school 40K resonates with his most recent post, for the feel for the wider landscape, even the awareness of it. Our sense of what it can look like has been warped by seeing the world through the prism of its more destructive conflicts.

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