It’s an Anomaly


I logged in to check my stats for the first time in a while and was pretty surprised to see that on the 5th of December (last week, that is), Yahoo Image Search was used to find Warp Signal 776 times, bringing my hits for that day up to 874.  This is by far the most hits I’ve ever got in one day, and now it’s really hard to interpret my traffic graph.  The 5th of December 2012 is now a towering skyscraper of popularity and every other day is roughly the same tiny height in comparison.

Stay tuned for a real post some time in the next couple of days.  I’ve been working on something…

One response to “It’s an Anomaly

  • Thor

    I get that from time to time as well. One day everyone is searching for X and my site gets pounded with traffic and it’s almost always an image I have. It may be inflated stats but you never know, maybe a few hung around to check stuff out. That’s always my hope anyway.

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