The Ratling Project: Final Concept Art

Svirfneblin snipers standing around dramatically in some smoke

My brother Chris has sent me some final concept art for our alternative Svirfneblin-inspired Ratling project (or “the nebos” as he’s taken to calling them in his very . . . Aussie fashion).  He’s just finishing up another miniatures project, and then he’s ready to start sculpting the greens.  I think they will look pretty amazing.

Svirfneblin snipers on a break

Svirfneblin sniper rifles

There are more images on Chris’s blog here.  I particularly like the NCO.


4 responses to “The Ratling Project: Final Concept Art

  • Chris

    Glad you like the NCO, especially as I plan to use that drawing as the basis for the squad leader Mini. In fact the squad leader mini design will probably vary very little from that drawing, that NCO is pretty much the squad leader Mini.

    “Nebo’s” Rule!

  • Thor

    Looks great. This is a very cool project and I look forward to seeing the progress.

    • James S

      @Thor, I’m excited to do some real hobby, in the old-school GW do-it-yourself manner. Making up our own troops is something Chris and I did a fair bit as kids. I think I still have some bases of smurfs we made out of fimo for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (with a Nurgling-like swarm stat-line). I think Chris actually made them, I can’t remember. I painted them.

      It’s going to be fun and interesting to do that again, but with adult skills!

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