Thunderchild of forgeworld Ryza.

In my post the other day, I forgot to share this fine fellow. That’s poor quality blogging right there, since he’s the centrepiece of my force. So behold!

Or uh, re-behold. He’s above the text I guess, so by the time you read this you shall have already beheld.

Anyway this is Thunderchild, my Thanatar siege automata. Was an absolute pain in the arse to build, and I swear I’ll never build another one. Fun to paint though.

I’ll run him as a Paragon of Metal. In case you’re not familiar with the Heresy rules, this is an upgrade that one robo in your army can have. It means his programming is so sublime that he is effectively a true AI not an AI, haha, as that would be heretekal. He can operate independently though, without needing a controller nearby, and is extra tough. I gave him that particular name because it’s the Horus Heresy – it all hearkens back to classic science fiction, and you don’t get much more classic than H.G. Wells.


5 responses to “Thunderchild

  • The Warlock

    I really like the weathering you’ve done on his orange, Jimmy 😀 It really does hearken back to retro sci-fi in that ‘less is more’ sense. Gotta love all the ‘totes-not-an-AI’ robots the Mechanicum have. Can’t wait to see more of the force!

    • Jimmy S

      Thanks Pete, it was a whole afternoon of trial and error basically! I just messed about stippling with a brush and sponge, and glazing with different colours and inks until it looked right. Was fun 🙂

      And yeah, the classic SF look of the Heresy era has really grown on me. I guess it brings back memories of the Rogue Trader book from when I was a kid. 80s SF!

      And the simplicity of the Heresy model’s design, as you pointed out, just feels more militaristic and mature(?) compared to the blinged out monstrosities GW and others produce these days. I can’t go back. The deeper I go into Heresy the wierder and less attractive the modern 40k models look to me. Creating 30k was a stroke of genius, it really was. I was skeptical at first, but it just feels like oldhammer RT updated for old guys like me 😀

      • The Warlock

        Honestly, if I went 30k I’d go with custodes. A space marine’s a space marine (ad nauseam) so using the Custodes would be kinda cool, given that (until recently) they were on Terra, rarely if ever seen elsewhere. Plus I do like to envision squads of Custodes rushing around the Palace during the Siege, desperately trying to secure different levels.

        I feel ya with the blinged out stuff these days. The AoS stuff seems to be reigning it in somewhat, but 40k is kinda eh. Whatever. I enjoy ‘less is more’ as if you pile stuff onto something it just hurts a bit to look at. Plus I’m a fan of landscapes of broad, sweeping vistas and empty fields/deserts/etc 😀

        80’s sci-fi interests me somewhat, regardless of my soft spot for b-movies with cheesy special effects XD

        Also- is that a bike chain you used on his base? That’s awesome!

        • The Warlock

          Please excuse the 4-ish commas in that first sentence. That and I had a ‘eureka’ moment- I like 80’s sci-fi as (to my interpretation) there’s more of an idea of wanderlust/exploration as opposed to futuristic dystopias, etc. Man, to sit in your own spacecraft and just…explore.

          • Jimmy S

            Yes, it is a bit of bike chain… I think? I found it on the ground 😀

            I’m always on the lookout for little bits of naturally rusted/weathered debris to stick on bases. I think they look really good. The sentinel kit bash in my previous post has a nice little metal disk I found. Nature weathers better than any artist I think.

            Custodes are hard as nails. People hate playing against them, but I wonder how they’d go against a militia horde? I dropped in on a big locally held event a while back with about 50 players and they were majority astartes (naturally), a handful of mechanicum, and one or two custodes. Oh and one Solar Auxilia army. Not one militia player. I was just saying to Von the other day that no matter what project I start, hordes of basic human infantry end up eventuating! My skitarii (militia) allies are starting to take over my mechanicum force.

            One of the things I like about Heresy is that the factions are divided into three main kinds: posthumans (Astartes and Custodes), cyborgs (Mechanicum) and what they call “mortals” (Solar Auxilia and militia). It’s classic sci fi, with only a very little of the science fantasy of 40k. The daemons are so rare and new in 30k, no-one even knows exactly what they are yet and they haven’t solidified into the “normal” forms.

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