About Warp Signal

Warp Signal is a blog about games and hobbies.  It is mainly focused on Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe, but I reserve the right to bring up anything else I feel like if my interests change.  This blog tries to be constructive and keep a positive attitude, plus I have trouble tolerating rudeness, so please be respectful of others when you post comments.

About the author: In real life I am a PhD student in Canberra, Australia.  I’ve been playing miniature wargames since I was about eleven years old, starting with Warhammer Fantasy Battle and then quickly moving onto Blood Bowl and Warhammer 40,000.  I also enjoy role-playing games, traditional board games, some video games, pretty much anything game-related really, but my hobby time is mostly spent painting and modeling.  I started this blog to keep track of my hobby and share it with the community.

All copyrighted material is used without permission unless otherwise stated. I do not claim to own or to have invented anything that is considered existing intellectual property by any artist or organization.  This blog is for my own non-commercial purposes and any copyrighted images are used in a journalistic sense for review or discussion.

If you see anything here that you believe is your material and you would like me to remove it, please let me know by emailing beat(dot)ronin(at)gmail.com.

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