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Australia vs. Games Workshop August 2012 update – plus Ozhammer

It’s been a while since I gave you all an update on the continuing battle between Australian consumers and Games Workshop.  By now it’s probably more accurate to call it a protracted siege.  I only remembered about this issue a week or so back when I was writing my Boring Announcement.  Which, by the way, got more hits than anything I’ve written in six months you perverse bastards!

Anyway.  I haven’t actually bought any GW products for over a year now I realized, barring the THQ Space Marine game for X-Box.  That may have more to do with my new baby than anything else though.  GW have just released their financials for last year, so let’s see what impact the fairly substantial boycott of their products in Australia has had, if any… Continue reading


A little bit of humour for our dark times . . . courtesy of the Australian and New Zealand GW Prices Petition.


Australia vs. Games Workshop update: 6th of June 2011

I have some more news from the front.  Many of you may have seen this already, and if so I apologize – breaking news is not my main aim here at Warp Signal, but I will post news that affects me and my gaming community directly when it comes up.

Today I bring you a document posted by James Sutherland, spokesman of the Australian GW price petition.  He just had a meeting last week with the heads of Games Workshop Australia.  James seems like a wise and careful guy, and I’m glad he’s representing us.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his work so far.

On a personal note, I haven’t bought any Games Workshop products since before the embargo, and I’ve let them know I plan to boycott for at least a month or two.  I’ve also been eyeing off some Malifaux gangs (crews? mobs? whatever).

As always, join the petition if you’re on facebook and you feel like it.  I’m not going to reach through the screen and slap you into it – although that would be a neat trick – but numbers are key and progress (rather unbelievably) seems to be being made.

Anyway, here is James’s after action report from the meeting with the mini bigwigs: Continue reading

Australia vs. Games Workshop

The consumer driven campaign to force Games Workshop to bring their prices into line with UK prices worldwide continues unabated.  For those of you who aren’t personally involved or can’t be bothered trawling through forums and facebook pages, here are some recent events.  I haven’t bothered to link any proof because quite frankly this depresses me so I don’t feel like putting the extra work in.  Believe me or not, as you like.  Most of this information comes from the facebook petition which I still urge people to join.

So, what’s happened in the last few days? Continue reading

Stand up to the plastic man

So I’ve been thinking a bit overnight about Games Workshop’s world pricing policies.  I no longer think it matters whether or not they actually implement their rumoured ban on European re-sellers selling overseas or not.  That is not the real problem – the real problem goes far deeper.  Australians and other customers simply should not have to pay the exorbitant prices that GW are trying to foist on us.  It is unjust.

What we should be demanding here as consumers is fair pricing world-wide.  I don’t want to buy from Maelstrom.  I want to buy from Games Workshop in my own town at prices comparable to those offered to UK and US citizens.  If there is some real, pressing reason why this is not possible, I want to know why.  This is 2011, we all have access to the internet, we can all check the prices across websites.  We all know (or can easily discover) how much shipping and taxes and currency exchange rates actually add up to, and many of us can put two and two together.

If we care about this issue, as consumers we should be trying to force a fair world-wide pricing structure from GW, not sneaking around behind their back buying from discounters.  That leaves all the power in their hands, as the current issue (whether true or not) demonstrates.

This does not appear to be a big issue morally (we’re talking about little plastic soldiers I know), but it doesn’t actually matter what product or industry we’re talking about.  Customers in different parts of the world should not be charged vastly different prices for the same product without a plausible explanation.

Here is a facebook petition.  This is a good idea I think, as facebook is a third party with a vested interest in attracting traffic, and they are MUCH bigger than Games Workshop.  Please join the group if you can spare a few moments.

Letter to Games Workshop

GW’s shiny new bumper sticker caused quite a stir . . .

By now most of Web 2.0 (heh, remember that quaint term?) knows about Games Workshop’s shock decision to prevent European re-sellers from selling GW products to countries outside Europe.  I have a lot to say about this, so read on if you dare. Continue reading

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