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Total Eclipse and the death of Maelstrom

Festival people watching the early stages of the eclipse.

For those of you who may have noticed, it’s been a bit quiet around here, for various reasons.  One was that I made a promise to myself not to post unless it’s to show actual hobby progress.  If you’re a fan of my opinionated meanderings don’t worry, I’ll break that resolution soon enough I’m sure…

I’ve also been away for the last fortnight, traveling with my family to far north Queensland to see the total solar eclipse.  It was an epic journey involving planes, rainforests, beaches, dangerous heat, nomadically roaming from one campsite to the next, and then planes again.

Among other things we went to Eclipse 2012, which was basically a week-long psytrance festival hastily but very effectively built around the total eclipse last Wednesday morning.  David Stillberg at Tentakel once distinguished me from other Australians he’d met by saying that I wasn’t a dreadlocked neo-hippie.  Yeah, sorry mate.  I might not have the dreadies but I’ve just spent a week eating oily vegetarian wraps and watching people who do have dreadlocks swim naked in a crocodile infested river while an incessant beat thumped in the background.  Oh so incessant.  I was glad when it finally cessed.

Hey and I got to see Beats Antique too, which was cool.

The eclipse itself was pretty spectacular.  I’ve never seen anything like it before, it just went dark at 6:30 in the morning, about as dark as dusk but with none of the usual colours.  Everything just went grey and silent for a few minutes and then the sun came back again.  Eerie.

Oh and when I got back I heard from Capn Stoogey that Maelstrom games had folded.  I knew it, I knew this would happen.  I ordered some models (thankfully only about 20 AUD worth) way back in June, and when they just kept crazily lowering their prices and delaying filling their orders I had a bad feeling they were kaput.

Does anyone know if I get my money back from liquidators or something?  Or am I just out 20 bucks?


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