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Witch Hunters: what does the future hold?

As a part-time Inquisition player I’ve been pretty excited about the release of the new Grey Knights codex.  This was mainly because I was keen to see what Games Workshop might have planned for my beloved Ordo Hereticus.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been involved in many (sometimes heated!) discussions on the net about the direction GW should take in terms of the Inquisition in 40k.  In all of these, I’ve been pretty firm in my prediction that the Witch Hunters as we know them would disappear, all of the Inquisition would be put in one book with the Grey Knights, and the Sisters of Battle would be paired with Ecclesiarchy units in another book.  Now it seems that so far I am right, and I still think we will see the other book in pretty much the form I predict.  But I have to say that so far it hasn’t turned out exactly as I imagined or hoped. Continue reading

First Impressions of the new Grey Knight models

Well, now I’m a genuine 40k blogger I suppose I have to say something about the new Grey Knights that just came up for advance order on the GW site.

At first glance I feel ambivalent about them, to be honest.  The guy with the incinerator and UFO antennae looks a little thinner and more fragile than the metal models, or maybe I’m imagining it.  The leather hoods look pretty cool, and I particularly like the faces – whoever sculpted (and painted) them did a good job, they are very expressive.

And then of course there’s the Dreadknight.  I think broken into chunks he looks like a nice kit with a lot of great parts for unique conversion projects. But, as I’m sure many others have observed by now, his stance kind of makes him look like Voltron.  I’m also not really a fan of the “little Grey Knight strapped to the front of a big Grey Knight” look.  I think he would have looked better inside the suit.

All in all though, I’m definitely glad for these minis.  It’s easy to be critical, but now we have a plastic Grey Knight range!  They may not look cooler to me than the old ones but I can’t honestly say they look worse.  And I’m all for plastic, it gives modelers so many more options.

Argh, now I’m going to have to build even more inquisitors I can feel it.

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