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After Action Report: Strike Force Izumi vs. the xenos Tau

A little while ago I mentioned that I was going to play a game against my friend Josh’s Tau with some Inquisition madness.  Well, we played, and I lost, and I thought I’d talk a bit about the game.  I had a bad cold and Josh only had three hours sleep, so the report will be quick and fuzzy.

This was the first time in ages I’ve used Inquisition forces in a battle.  As usual they were extremely hit-and-miss.  Mostly miss.  I was using Witch Hunters as allies for my Guard, and I went with an Inquisitor Lord with three plasma warriors and Divine Pronouncement, and an Eversor assassin.  Josh also let me swap out my Rough Riders at the last minute for an Orbital Strike.  I thought this was a good idea as the cavalry have never made a good show against the Tau, but as it turned out the lance strike wasn’t much of an improvement.  I would have been better off playing with the horsies.

We played a Spearhead deployment Capture and Control mission with three objectives – one in Josh’s deployment zone, one in mine, and one in the middle, in a rough diagonal line across the battlefield.  At the outset things looked really good for me.  The terrain piece where I keyed the strike was occupied by Broadsides and surrounded by most of the Tau army.  I seized the initiative.  Most of my army was in cover and I managed to advance my tanks within range early.  I broke his Pathfinders and they ran.  The Eversor had a flanking opportunity on three unlucky Fireknives.  But the Tau first turn showed that an Imperial victory was not to be. Continue reading

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